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  • 06.04.2023 — Simone Susser
  • April 2023 – The Andros cats send Easter greetings
  • It’s time once again to look after our Andros cats. In keeping with Easter, we start with search pictures that S. sent us. Who can find Athina, Eleni, Hektor, Katia, Nikita, Tebetan, Teddy and Yuki?   Now follows another example of feline independence – a character trait that we cat lovers admire (and can openers […]

  • 10.03.2023 — Simone Susser
  • Rossi the cat is looking for happiness.
  • 2023, February 24th Here we would like to tell you about our brave male Rossato, who came from Greece to Germany in August 2022 and already found his new home in November and is now called Rossi. He first overcame his anaemia (caused by mycoplasma) and a few other problems at our foster home, had […]

  • 04.03.2023 — Simone Susser
  • February/March 2023 – Feed Deliveries 30 and 31
  • As in October 2022, we were once again able to order double the amount of food thanks to your willingness to donate! A delivery reached our friends H. & I. at the beginning of March. It came directly from a wholesaler on the mainland. This ensured favourable prices, and 360 kilograms of dry food and […]

  • 03.01.2023 — Simone Susser
  • January 2023 – Annual Review
  • Once again we are at the beginning of a new year and once again we would like to look back with you on the past year. This past year has changed all of our lives! As you all know, the consequences have also left their mark on animals and animal welfare. But with your support, […]

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