April 2023 – The Andros cats send Easter greetings

It’s time once again to look after our Andros cats.

In keeping with Easter, we start with search pictures that S. sent us. Who can find Athina, Eleni, Hektor, Katia, Nikita, Tebetan, Teddy and Yuki?


Now follows another example of feline independence – a character trait that we cat lovers admire (and can openers with free-rangers often sigh about…):

Kalea on the left and Homer on the right at our feeding station 3. Kalea used to live with our friend S. But somehow she must have remembered that she was picked up as a kitten at this feeding station years ago and has now returned there. But it’s only about 3 kilometres across country…


Here is Gustav, who has been missing since his castration in summer, and once again Homer.


During the last flood of pictures with our Andros cats, we actually lost Felis, who lives with the local G. III! But we’ll send you the photo as soon as possible!


From H. & I. there is also an Easter search picture. Who can find Aberforth, Giasou, Hermine, Kaisa and Nia?


Rarely seen – after her neutering in September 2021 only once more in August 2022: Zuria.


Last photographed a year ago: Eleanor.


Also unseen for a long time: Ammos Kataigída dumpling on the left of the picture. Next to it, Rolling Pug Lemon.


Last seen in March 2022 and now relaxing in the sun: Monterosa.


As a little break in between, two winter pictures from February, before we head off to the mountains to visit an acquaintance of H. & I.:


Arrived in the mountains! And the cats who live there on the property are already waiting for us (or rather for the food…).


Here is a picture without names, because we will show our cats individually in a moment:


In this place live, among others:


Wandering cat Milana, who also left her original feeding place at the harbour to find a nice home up here.


And here, too, is another search picture. You can see Emilio, Sora and once again Georgia, Kotsos and Sphera. Who can find them?


Speaking of mountains: When H. & I. have some time and friends over, they hike the rugged beauty of the island. Here are a few excursion pictures.

This is what the footpaths used to look like, …

Returning to present-day civilisation after the hike, they met an old acquaintance in the village: Elli, who had already been neutered in December 2017.


Now a small flood of pictures with freshly neutered and also long unseen andros cats:

Pompom on the right of the picture, who was picked up in September 2021, run down and with a fishhook in his mouth, medically treated and neutered, and whom we saw for the last time in November 2021 – the runner-up of this year’s „long-not-seen“ competition.


Here on the left, second from the front, Gianna once again and Dolores at the very front on the left.


Wilf, missing since his castration in December 2021.


That’s why Wilf is once again in the picture on the right. On the left we see Jacko, of whom we only have one picture on the occasion of his neutering in October 2022.


On the left Paula, not seen since her neutering in October 2021 and therefore the winner of the „long time not seen“ trophy, and on the right Chloe.


Foufa with her family. Who recognises her? (Little hint: she was recently neutered).


And finally, Darek, the master fluff cat, …


… who actually lives at a feeding station nearby, but comes by here from time to time (2nd from left). Maybe he just wanted to see how Hathor was doing, who is enjoying herself on the far left.


With an atmospheric panorama our, your Andros cats say goodbye again for this time and wish you a happy Easter!

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