You want to adopt one or more of our cats and you want to know what to do?

Please read the following procedure in peace, so that your interest leads to a good decision for all involved parties.


1. You want to know more about the animal?

That’s understandable, because you do not want to be surprised with the proverbial „pig in a poke“. All information we have can be found on the cat´s personal introduction page. In addition to the specific data on neutering, health status and the like, we try as well as possible to assess the character traits and social behavior. However, you should take into account that this is a snapshot in the current environment and possibly group of cats. We can not predict how the situation will unfold in your home. Other data, such as sometimes the age can only be appreciated. Nevertheless, we will gladly try to answer specific questions on your part.


2. Please ask yourself some questions!

You are currently looking specifically at the pages of an animal welfare association. Therefore, we assume that you are aware of the responsibility and the needs of an appropriate home for your pet. But maybe answering a few questions will give you a bit more certainty.

Am I really ready to take an animal into my life?
Do you already have experience with own pets or – if not – have you dealt with the requirements for keeping a cat? Do you have enough space and time for the animal? Maybe one of your darlings has left you recently, are you open to engage with a new cat personality? Do you have the patience and time for a possibly longer familiarization and bringing together with already existing animals?

Am I ready and able to take responsibility for the entire lifespan of my animal?
Will your financial situation even in the future allow you to not only bear the ongoing costs of food, equipment, regular check-ups, but also to handle unexpected expenses such as surgeries and veterinary hospital stays (or, instead, appropriate health insurance rates)? Are there any allergies in your family?

Are all persons affected by the adoption consenting?
Do the persons involved in know and agree with your adoption intentions – be it the family members or relatives that you are relying on for possible care during your vacation? If you live for rent: may you take any necessary security precaution (window safeguards, nets)?


3. You would like to contact us?

If you are interested in an adoption, the easiest way to reach us is via our inquiry form. You will find the form under „Placement information – Inquiry form“ or right here: Inquiry form.


4. Interview and preview visit

As soon as we have received the completed inquiry form, we will call you by phone for an initial interview. Please understand, if this not will take place immediately. We work as volunteers in our spare time for the association and must reconcile this with our private and professional obligations. In this interview we will be happy to clarify your outstanding questions and the further procedure.

Of course, we also offer you to meet your future roommate in person. For this we coordinate with you and the foster home.

We would like to gain an impression of the new living environment of our protégés and their future two- and four-legged companions. For this we carry out a so-called „evaluation visit“ (ideally a pleasant conversation with the future cat staff, so we prefer to call it a „preview visit“). Again, of course, there is the possibility to answer further questions or give hints. This is obligatory in reputable animal welfare, and we do not let move animals without a visit. If it can be easily organized, the visit is carried out by one of our association members, by another animal welfare association or another person of our trust. However, there is also the option of carrying out it virtually, e.g. via a WhatsApp video chat.


5. Done! Animal welfare contract and protective charge

Once we have agreed, there is nothing in the way of adopting your cat! You will receive from us an animal welfare contract, which you please send signed back to us, and transfer the protective charge to the association´s bank account. We will send you a copy of the contract signed by us or give it to you together with your cat.

How much the protection charge is, why we charge a fee and what we use it for, you can read here or under „Placement information – Protective charge“.


6. Your new family member is moving in!

The long-awaited moment has come – your cat (along with its documents such as pet passport or vaccination certificate and possibly indispensable belongings such as toys and cuddly pillows) comes to you! If you want, you can pick up the animal yourself at the foster home. Otherwise we will organize a transport to you.


7. We do not leave you alone.

It´s a given that we are there after the adoption for you and our former protégés. You can contact us with questions, but also with worries if something does not go as desired. Of course, we are particularly pleased if you let us take part in the happy moments with your cat from time to time!

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