Help with a donation!

Cats at Andros e.V. is a non-profit association that does not receive any public subsidies, but covers its expenses exclusively by donations, membership fees, and the protective charge for placements.

Donations are an important part of our funding. We use these both for the animal welfare work on site on Andros and for the care of the animals at our foster homes in Germany.

Expenses arise, for example, for the first medical care on Andros (neutering, tests, parasite treatment, if necessary medical emergency measures), the travel preparations for the animals coming to Germany (transponder chip, vaccinations, pet passport, flight costs) as well as for the accommodation at the foster homes until placement (feed – possibly special feed, litter, convenience goods).

Important for a sufficient and above all continuous supply on Andros are the feed pallets sent several times a year. And last but not least, the other medically necessary treatments of animals brought to Germany are a very large additional expense item, as it is precisely these cats that can no longer stay on Andros for health reasons.

We can not perform all this without your help! Therefore, we ask you to help the „Andros Cats“ with a donation.


The way you can donate

To donate is easy made for you. Either you transfer the amount you intend to our association´s bank account or via PayPal. We use the amount donated by you according to the statutes for our animal welfare work.


Donating 1 € when paying with PayPal / Starting a fundraiser

If you pay for your purchases with PayPal, you can set our association as a „preferred non-profit organization“. You can then give us a €1 donation during the checkout process. You also have the opportunity to start a fundraiser for our association.

We have described exactly how this works in a leaflet here: PayPal Generosity Network (in German).


Donation with betterplace

betterplace is an internet platform where charitable organizations can raise funds. Cats at Andros e.V. is registered at You can support our ongoing donation projects by visiting us directly via the following link:


Cost overview

To help you gauge how your donation will support us, here’s an approximate cost overview of the most common measures. The costs depend i.a. on whether they are undertaken in Greece or in Germany.

  • neutering: 46 to 130 EUR (depending on whether it is done in Greece or Germany)
  • Transponder chip: 35 EUR
  • Rabies vaccination: 35 EUR
  • Vaccination against cat flu and panleucopenia: 25 to 35 EUR
  • Pet passport: 10 EUR
  • Parasite treatment: 10 EUR
  • FIV & FeLV test: 20 to 45 EUR
  • Giardia test (1 rapid and 1 lab test): 40 EUR
  • Airfare: up to 90 EUR depending on the season
  • Dental surgery: 50 to 200 EUR
  • Eye surgery: up to 500 EUR
  • General surgery with CT: up to 1,000 EUR
  • Treatment ulcerative herpetic keratitis: 200 EUR

Donation receipt

For citizens taxable in Germany the rules of German tax law described on our German homepage apply.

Citizens of other states please inquire with their competent tax authority.


Purchase premiums and fundraising

In addition to the „classic“ donation opportunity described here, you can also support us with your own purchases or through fundraising platforms. On this page you can learn more about: Purchase premiums and fundraising.

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