As any reputable animal welfare association we also raise a so-called „protective charge“ for placement. Surely you have heard this term before. But what or against whom should this fee protect?

Unfortunately, a lot of pets are thoughtlessly taken or just given away as a gift. Of course, money can not reflect the „value“ of an animal life. The protective charge should therefore sensitize for the attention and responsibility toward a pet. It also serves to finance at least part of our animal welfare work.

We place our cats only after a review of their state of health and possibly medical treatment, further neutered, vaccinated and tagged with transponder chip and the required documents. We try, if not already legally required, to do as much as possible on Andros, because the veterinary costs there are lower than in Germany.

Until placement, therefore, the following is done as a minimum standard:

  • Neutering
  • Rabies vaccination
  • Vaccination against cat flu and panleucopenia
  • Implantation of a transponder chip for registration
  • Parasite treatment
  • FeLV, FIV and Giardia tests
  • Issue of the European pet passport
  • Air transportation costs to Germany
  • In addition there are the medically necessary treatments, without which a leave to Germany and subsequent placement are not possible.

In particular, the latter medically necessary treatments often has to be taken into account with several hundred euros, in some cases even with costs in the four-digit range, because just those animals are traveling to Germany that can not stay on Andros due to health reasons. A few costs from previous treatments as examples:

  • Dental surgery: 50 to 200 EUR
  • Eye surgery: up to 500 EUR
  • General surgery with CT: up to 1,000 EUR

All in all, the „basic package“ (basic medical care on Andros and flight to Germany) currently costs nearly 300 EUR per cat. The above-mentioned further medically necessary treatments in Germany are then added. In addition, foster homes carry all ongoing maintenance costs (such as food and litter) until placement, which may well incur several weeks or months. (And especially the young cats, who have a lot to catch up with, are true gluttons, who easily polish off 400 grams of food and more during the day…)

The protective charge for cats placed by us is 180 EUR for one cat and 320 EUR for two cats (in case of placement assistance for other associations or private animal welfare activists, they may set their fee differently). This may seem like a lot at first glance, but covers only a small part of the expenses necessary to care for a cat until its placement. In order not to set the fee even higher, we compensate the difference with donations.

Therefore please understand that the amount of the protective charge is not negotiable and will not be refunded. Cats at Andros e.V. is a non-profit association that does not receive public grants, but only covers its expenses through donations, membership fees and the protective charge. Since we use our funds only for statutory purposes, your protective charge fully inures benefit to animal welfare.

Please transfer the protection fee to our association´s bank account.

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