Foster homes in Germany & Greece wanted!

Our association´s goal is the care of the cats on the Greek island of Andros. However, it is sometimes necessary to bring cats to Germany who have no chance of a good life on Andros.

These animals will be placed to a new home when they are ready for this move. Until then, the cats live on foster homes, a temporary domicile. Either in Germany, or temporarily in Greece, if the animals are too young or too sick to travel to Germany.

Unfortunately, suitable foster places are very rare. Can you imagine giving our cats such a home until their placement in or leaving to Germany? Or maybe you know someone with interest in it?

On this page you will find the information on how you can support us as a foster home.


Why foster homes?

The brought to Germany animals must be housed and cared for until their placement. A foster home is basically the same as a „normal“ home. But foster homes offer the cats much more than already socialized pets!

Here, the former strays experience that people are not only bad or at best don´t care less. They learn to live in a family and with other conspecifics or even other animals. For the first time, they experience what it’s like not having to fight for food and shelter daily, and that disease does not mean endless suffering anymore.

Foster families get to know their cats intensively and can thus provide important information for subsequent placement. Foster homes thus do a very valuable job of preparing the cats for a happy life in their final home!

Sometimes the cats are too young or too sick to travel directly to Germany. For such animals we look for foster homes on Andros or in Athens and vicinity, until we can pick them up at the next Andros trip.


Can I do that all?

Being a foster home means assuming responsibility. You lay the foundation for a happy future for foster cats. Depending on the placement situation, this can take several weeks or months. Often, the foster cats need medical care. Of course, you will receive financial and advisory support from our association.

To be a foster, but also means to experience many beautiful moments. Then, when the perhaps shy cat no longer hides, but seeks your closeness and loving attention. If the patience you spent was worth it and the stray was finally allowed to trust! When you see how your care transforms an eternally hungry, shaggy pelt into a satisfied cat beauty.

And foster home means to have to say goodbye when your foster cat moves to his adoptives or unfortunately also if his previous stray life has exposed him to too much and even the best veterinary treatment could not help.

You ask yourself, „Can I even do that all?“

Yes, you can – if you are willing to treat your foster cat responsibly as if it were your own animal. Yes, if you are ready to let go after a nice, but possibly exhausting, time. And yes, if you see in it the chance for the next sad soul who is looking for a place to blossom out.


Under what conditions can you become a foster home?

In Germany foster homes are possible throughout the federal territory.

In Greece, the foster homes should be located on the island of Andros or in Athens and vicinity.

If you live in Germany, you are welcome to have an official concession according to § 11 Abs. 1 Nr. 3 TierSchG (Protection of Animals Act) for keeping cats in a shelter or similar facility, but it is not necessary. Our association owns these and all other required permissions and concessions. The foster home could therefore operate without its own permission under the responsibility of the association.

A membership in our association is not required to be a foster home.

For foster homes in Greece, the regulations applicable there must be observed, which we will discuss with you in individual cases.

Ideally you already have experience in keeping of cats, with shy animals and former stray cats. You are aware that animals which are not yet used to a domestic life can react with stress and resulting behavior. Also, you can assess the character of the foster cats, as we would like to discuss with you upon whether prospective adopters are actually eligible.

Your space conditions must correspond to the requirements for an animal welfare-appropriate housing. The cats only travel to Germany after a rapid or laboratory test for FIV and FeLV and, if possible, Giardia. The animals must therefore be able to be separated for the quarantine period, for treatments and also if a laboratory test carried out in Germany is positive.

The cost of medical treatment is borne by the association. The daily requirement (food, litter) is taken over by the foster home; in individual cases the association can support, if necessary.

For the subsequent placement a „reporting“ by us on various channels (forums, Facebook, homepage, etc.) is immensely important. We are therefore pleased about regular information and photos of your foster cats. Basically, we value open communication, especially when difficulties should arise.


I want to become a foster home – what’s next?

If you would like to become a foster home, simply contact us at the e-mail address vorstand[at] We will then get in touch with you for a informal initial consultation to clarify the details and further questions.

We look forward to seeing you and your support!

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