The association

Our cause

The focus of our work is the care of the stray cats on Andros. It is our goal to enable the cats to live a relatively healthy life on „their“ island. Rarely, we transport stray cats with serious health issues to Germany. Usually their health is so severely impacted their life expectancy on the island would be cut woefully short. In Germany, we try to place them in loving new homes. Of course, we also will not look away from German stray cats or other animals! For us the idea of animal welfare is not bound to origin or species.

For details on our association’s goals, how we implement them and why the measures we take are so important please visit our page „About Us – Primary care on Andros“.


You can find important documents on our association, such as the statutes, association regulations and membership application on our Documents page.

A short history

July 2017: After the first three trips to Andros to spay/neuter, deworm and feed the stray cats, Marie considers founding the Andros cat welfare association. Especially her most recent trip in July was very tightly scheduled and she had had her hands full of cats. Her work on Andros had only been made possible by the numerous donations and kind help shown on several internet forum boards on cats where she reported on/wrote about the island’s cats and her work there. Founding an animal welfare association general legal issues but also animal welfare issues have to be taken into account.

Until June 2018: Through various channels (such as Internet forums and Facebook) engaged animal/cat welfare activists signal their interest in helping out with the association. Ideas are collected and hints given.

July 2018: Finally, there are seven people who want to start the association together with Marie. Detailed questions about the association’s work and drafts of the statutes are discussed among these founding members.

August 19, 2018: The association „Cats at Andros“ is founded by eight members during a summer Sunday brunch in the legendary „Kuchen Kaiser“ in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Some of the founding members had supported Maries animal welfare activities on Andros already since her first trip in April 2017. In the following weeks and months, the association officially registers as an “e.V.” (a German legal construct for member-led non-business organisations/associations) and applies for charitable status at Berlin’s Charlottenburg district court. In addition, numerous small/individual tasks are tackled such as opening a bank account, designing a homepage, etc.

February 26, 2019: The association registers successfully at the district court Berlin (Charlottenburg) under registration number VR 37238 B in the register of associations and carries now the official name „Cats at Andros e.V.“

March 14, 2019: The association is confirmed as charitable by the tax office for corporations I Berlin.

April 13, 2019: Suddenly and unexpectedly, our club founder and first chairman Marie dies and leaves us in deep grief.

May 25, 2019: A new board is elected and the association’s statutes and regulations are amended at the general meeting.

June 27, 2019: Registration of the board elected on 25.05.2019 and the amended statutes at the District Court of Charlottenburg.

July 09, 2019: The association was granted again the official permission according to § 11 para. 1 nos. 3 and 5 TierSchG, which had expired since mid-April.

August 19, 2019: Today a year ago the association was founded – time to look back.

November 11, 2019: The association was given permission by the competent veterinary office to use two additional foster homes.

End of November 2019: With H. & I. we have been able to win two more Greek partners, who we support with castrations and medical treatments and who help us on the spot. This is also important in that it allows us to cover an area on the island that we have not yet focused on.

June 27, 2020: The general meeting, originally planned for the beginning of May, has now been held, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting contact restrictions..

July 24, 2020: The „Finanzamt für Körperschaften I Berlin“ issued us with the exemption notice for corporation and business taxes.

August 19, 2020: The association now exists two years – fitting to this fact, an Andros trip is taking place.

June 5, 2021: Rotational election of the new board as required in the statutes as well as amendment of the association’s statutes and regulations at the general meeting.

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