October 2023 – Colorful autumn greetings from your sponsored cats!

The Andros cats enjoyed the summer as much as they could – warm weather, full bellies thanks to food donations, and only one forest fire, which was fortunately quickly contained and raged far away from the feeding sites. The pictures of Rhodes, the mainland, and all the other areas were horrific, and we are grateful that our Andros cats were in no danger and that our Greek friends did not have to evacuate a single cat, even though they were -of course- prepared for it.

So we can take a fairly carefree look at which cats have made an appearance since the greetings in July. And once again, we will choose a winning cat and present it with the „Long time no see“ challenge cup!

First, let’s take a look at the south-east side and start with a little hidden object picture at S. – As always, no names which allow you to guess but you will find the solution in the second picture. You can see Nikita, Hektor, Kalea, Alexis, Yuki, Athina, Mikio and an as yet unnamed new arrival from a neighboring village – it probably tastes better at S.’s…


These three cats, all of whom have not been seen since they were neutered in May or June, greet us from the feeding stations there:


However, always on hand:


Rubini, who returned to her feeding site in December last year, from where she was picked up as a kitten and brought to S..


Other reliable feeding guests include:


Less frequently seen, on the other hand, are Nyota, who sometimes likes to seek peace and quiet and a drink in the house, and the kittens from summer 2022, Sammy, Gin and Garidas.


From there one small group picture with Zora, Scotty, Gin and Garidas.


Jasmina is another rarely seen Andros cat.


We have not seen her since her neutering at the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023:


Ron and Jack appear more frequently. In contrast, Romy, last seen in a photo in August 2022.


On the other side of the island, as always, a large number of foster cats await us due to the more numerous feeding stations there. Here is the colorful round dance with our friends H. & I.

Gaia on the far right with her friends.


The ever-present but always shy Primrose and another shy creature that has been hiding since December 2022: Erica.


The small group with tigress Wendy in front, the colorful Mischou on the left and the second tigress Mila in the back.


Louna, an old acquaintance of H. & I., spayed long before we started working with them and had been traveling with Grandpa George until he passed away about two years ago. But the Grande Dame seems to have found another admirer.


The red tiger Simba in front. Behind her is Louna, who was recovering from her eye amputation at H. & I. in the summer.


In the middle is Darek, who likes to wander from one feeding place to another in his village; it could be tastier somewhere else…


Hotel cat Sofia.


To liven things up, here’s another guessing picture: you will see Gabriele, Pilar, Taps and Calthethines.


Melli, who lives on a beautiful beach, and Pitouto, who was only neutered in June.


A small collection of black furries: First Mr. Meier, then Severus Snape, who hasn’t been seen since his neutering in March, Arsenia, who was neutered in May, and a hot contender for the challenge cup, as she hasn’t appeared on camera since June 2022: Nicki.


On the left is Selena, who was spayed in April of this year.


The colorful Liakáda in the middle right.


Just started a carefree life in September thanks to neutering: Mocha.


Ginny seems to be reluctant to be disturbed while eating. Pita, on the other hand, looks rather expectant.


Rhea, last seen in January, and Magia is also popping in again.


A number of our Andros cats live on the feeding plates. For example, this little group with tigress Suse, next to Emilio, at the back, cow-furred Georgia and white Galany Ble Mati.


We also find the white Kotsos there, next to Emilio again.


Well, Nicki, easy come, easy go! The last time we saw the tigress Mýti, who also lives in the mountains, was 2 years ago, in October 2021! She is this year’s winner of the „long time no see“ challenge cup!


Another hidden object picture from the mountains, but this time without names, because either like Emilio already shown in the middle left or none of our Andros cats


We climb back down and find Iris, who was spayed in May, and Koko.


The black ghost, who often lives up to his name by staying away, would like to say hello this time!


Alina with matching decorative cushion in the background.


Lucas, who was found in April with broken hind legs and underwent surgery in Athens and also was neutered at the same time, is now visibly feeling well again.


In the back is Baghira, who was also treated for a broken leg in July and neutered at the same time. In front we see Eleni-Clara.


We have not yet received any new photos of Mario and Hannah, who were neutered in May and April respectively.


Not interested in us, but photographed anyway: Gerti.


Here we see Gigi and Victoria. Our friends H. & I. pay special attention to the latter because of her recurring mouth problems.


Daisy, who was last seen in February, has put on a very decorative display! Lilith, on the other hand, is still considering whether she should show herself completely.


Appy, a little night walker.


On the left Naira and on the right Jack.


Not only H. & I. take care of motherless kittens, but also the cats living with H. & I.. Here Lyda and Leonie are cleaning the black and white kittens they found in the summer.


Finally, a guessing picture: you can see Naime, Nely, Althea, Sergie and Xenia.


Was that too easy? Then here is another one with more bustle. Who can find Bonnie, Kendro, Peny, Philomena, Sergie, Yayoi and Xenia?


Whew… that was another long ride across the island! As always, here are a few cat-free photos to relax.

August full moon:


Geese in Gavrio…


… and swans in Batsi. H. & I. wrote about this picture on August 30: „This is a swan family. In late spring the pair leave Batsi and move to quiet beaches to lay their eggs. Last night was the first time we saw them in Batsi again. They sense immediately when people leave Batsi in droves at the end of the season and it is safe for them to return. They do that every summer in just this one week. The nature is impressive!“


To ensure that the Andros cats can continue to live as fit and lively at their feeding stations, we have now sent out the thirty-third food delivery. You can find the details and how you can support us in the current report „Food delivery no. 33“.

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