December 2023 – Christmas greetings from the Andros cats

Thanks to the two recent food deliveries, our Andros cats can also enjoy the Christmas season and send our warmest greetings to you, who support our Andros project with your helpful donations!

Once again, many of your sponsored cats have ventured in front of the lens – both the well-known „ramp sows“ who never miss a photo report, as well as some that we haven’t seen for a long time.

Enjoy the Christmas season and browse through the photos of the strays on Andros who are so well cared for with your help!

As it won’t be a white Christmas this year either, we’ll just start with an almost white cat. Tzatziki can lie gracefully on a cushion in a matching color, but can also roll around happily like a kitten.


By contrast, Zuria, Noulis, who was last seen in October 2022, and Sofia with her bunny tail are all in white – most likely due to an accident, but we don’t know them any differently. Eleanor has arrived as a color contrast.


The recently castrated Tychi enjoys the last rays of sunshine, or rather the shade, at a restaurant that is still open.


Antaria, who was castrated in April and has not yet been photographed again, is also soaking up a little autumn warmth.


Here is a sentimental but happy moment for our friends H. & I. Sandy, Monis and Nyx set off on their big trip to Germany on this ferry that has just left. Naturally, they took the opportunity to feed the animals on board.

At the front left we see Schmuddelkatz and next to her Liakáda. The black and white cat at the far left is Marpe.


Here’s Marpe again and infront of her Chloe, who we last saw in March.


This group is also enjoying the beautiful weather. On the far left, the well-fed Irina looks expectantly into the camera. On the right we see the group of three with the black Elara, next to her the black and white Queenie and in front of her the mackerel and white Luna, who was last seen over a year ago.


We have already named the cats in this group. But now it’s time for another simple guessing game: Who can find Aberforth, Giasou, Nia and Kaisa? As always, the answer can be found in the second picture.


Here again Giasou in front, together with Allat, last seen in October 2022.


A few more individual portraits to relax:

A stern looking Timm: „Where is my food?“


Lara in the first photo since her neutering in May.


On the far right is Gaia, our only cat in this small group.


Mosha, unseen since her neutering in March.


Here comes another hidden object picture to search for yourself, this time a bit more extensive: Where can you find Amour, Bonnie, Jack, Kendro, Lenja, Margarita, Melios, Naira, Philomena, Xenia and Yayoi?


This feeding site is also home to the black and white tsoupra, pictured here on the right.


As we know, the cats like to wander around the village and look into the meat pots at other feeding places. So we’re not surprised to see Philomena again in the front of this picture. Behind her is Jeany and at the very back is Oreo.


Kendro also likes to roam around and visit Hannah, here on the left behind Kendro.


Here a smaller group with Zora at the back left and Sonia at the back right.


Sonia is in a dispute with an older cat that was neutered long before our time.


We walk on to the feeding site, for which a French couple who have a summer house there made a sign. Mila, on the left, Wendy, front right in the picture and the colorful Mischou live here. The two black cats (one is hiding in the grass diagonally behind Mischou) are Sofia and Eleysia. But who is who? The typical black cat problem, even if Sofia has a white spot on the front of her chest – which unfortunately doesn’t help us here.

What we can say, however: Eleysia is the „long time no see“ cup winner this time, because she was already neutered in October 2021, and we haven’t seen her since February 2022!


Cara has a beautiful sea view to the front right, black Erna next to her and Lucretia to the back left. Cara almost won the cup, because the last photo we received of her was in July 2022! We still saw Lucretia in October 2022, and Erna was only neutered this January.


Asími has been neutered in November last year.


Malu is in the middle and Marisini is on the right.


Here is another group, but „only“ two of our cats: white and red Freyja at the back left of the wall, and colored cat Elaia in front.


Would you like another guessing picture? Who can find Ainslie, Marina, Nino, Riga and Zois? Zois is fit again after his serious leg injury and treatment in Athens and moved to this well-protected feeding site.


The black Imani is our first cat at this feeding site.


Sevi is on the left and Tammy is on the right.


Al-Kutba at the back, last seen in January.


The last photos of Rina (in front) and Moritz, whose red and white fur makes him stand out, were taken just as long ago.


Here is the first photo of Zoia after her neutering in May.


Smilla, who was only spayed in September.


A Rieke who has probably just woken up and is stretching with relish.


Arsenja knows how to present herself very decoratively.


Here is Ida who got neutered in July and unseen since then.


In this photo, Fava, sitting at the front, and the colorful Thalea behind her have no idea that her neutering is imminent. Laeta, on the other hand, looking a little grumpy in the middle at the far back, is just growing her fur back over the well-healed operation scar.


Ayla who got spayed, only recently.


Neutered in May 2022 and last seen in a photo a year ago in December: Adonia, front left in the picture.


Katharina and Sura were recently neutered.


Primel is shy, but almost always on site.


In complete contrast, black and white Gardi, who we haven’t seen since she got neutered in August 2022. Tiger Zora is also rarely seen.


Change of scene – over to friend S., who gave us a taste for the hidden object pictures. So here’s another puzzle, but the last one for this report. Who can recognize Athina, Data, Eleni, Hektor, Kalea, Nikita, Scotty, and Tebetan?


And who else notices something in the hidden object picture?

That’s right! Data and Scotty don’t really belong here.

But we’ve already been through that. It’s only a few minutes‘ walk from S. to their feeding site. So cats from there often come here. This time it’s these four:

A little blurry, but still nice to see Neela safe and sound. She was probably born in 2017 and is therefore one of our longest-serving Andros cats, together with Liane!


Here again Scotty and Data with Athina.


But now a few more portraits of the regular crew living at S., some of which have already been seen in the hidden object picture:


Finally, a nice episode that shows that even chance acquaintances can lead to cooperation.

You will no doubt remember the old cat „Grandpa George“ at H. & I., who has been living in the meadow behind the rainbow for over two years now. Through him we came into contact with R., a backpacker and his wife, who prefer to spend their vacations on various Greek islands – and often on Andros.

R. now has two foster cats: Louna and…

… also an Elara.


He was the one who looked after Elara and her three kittens during his vacation and drew H. & I.’s attention to the little family because there were 3 kittens belonging to it. Two of them have already found godparents among you: Jeany, who we have already seen above, and Dora. The third kitten is still nameless.

Shortly before writing this report, we received a few photos from R. from August 2022:

Elara with tiger daughter Dora and the third kitten.


Here is the third, as yet unnamed kitten:


And Dora again:


As always, after so many cat photos, a look into the distance to relax the eyes:


The Andros cats and we would like to thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts for your valuable support!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and the best for a happy 2024!

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