December 2023 – Feed delivery no. 34

Another year is drawing to a close and, just like at this time of year, before the start of winter, we also send a delivery of food to the other side of the island for our friends H. & I..

This time we didn’t buy the food from Andros, but H. & I. ordered it directly from a wholesaler in Piraeus. They also delivered within two or three days, so that we were able to make the start of the cold season easier for our Andros cats in the north-east of the island with 440 kilograms of dry food and 200 kg of wet food!

These regular food donations are just as important as our other activities relating to the medical care and castration of stray cats. We would therefore be delighted if you could support us with a donation!

You are welcome to use our bank details for donations.

And an even more convenient way is to subscribe to a „feeding plate“, which you can find on our our donation subscription page.


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