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  • 29.05.2024 — Samantha Maifeld
  • May 2024 – Happy Pentecost greetings from your Andros cats!
  • Pentecost is celebrated in Greece, like in our country, 50 days after Easter. However, since the Orthodox Easter took place later than ours, Pentecost is yet to come. This is a good opportunity for the Andros cats to send you greetings in the meantime! First, we hear from two cats living with a resident in […]

  • 19.05.2024 — Samantha Maifeld
  • Mai 2024 – From Obversation to Assistance
  • On May 9, 2024, we received an email from concerned tourists: „Dear animal friends, A small attempt to do something: we are currently on vacation in Andros, and we know that there are many cats here. This one in the photo gets very close to us and doesn’t really ‚leave‘, which of course we also hesitate to force. However, […]

  • 04.03.2024 — Samantha Maifeld
  • March 2024 – Late winter greetings from your Andros cats!
  • Winter is slowly coming to an end on Andros. Fortunately, it wasn’t as harsh as in previous years, especially not like around January 2022! This time, cats from two locals, with whom we are only in sporadic contact, are also making an appearance. They are therefore hot contenders for the „long time no see“ challenge […]

  • 27.02.2024 — Samantha Maifeld
  • February 2024 – Feed delivery no. 36
  • On the eastern side of the island, too, winter is fading but not yet over. After we delighted our friends on the western side with food delivery at the beginning of February, our friend S. was also able to receive the 36th food delivery in the Andros project for our Andros cats living there on […]

  • 06.01.2024 — Samantha Maifeld
  • January 2024 – Review of the year 2023
  • Once again, we are at the start of a new year and once again we would like to look back on the past year with you. Like its predecessor, 2023 was also a difficult year. Even though we fortunately continue to live in peace here, we all felt the consequences of political world events. Price […]

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