January 2024 – Review of the year 2023

Once again, we are at the start of a new year and once again we would like to look back on the past year with you.

Like its predecessor, 2023 was also a difficult year. Even though we fortunately continue to live in peace here, we all felt the consequences of political world events. Price increases due to inflation, natural disasters, new conflicts and trouble spots, and the outlook for 2024 is not much better at the moment.

We are therefore all the happier that we were able to continue to count on your unwavering support and assistance last year! Encouraged by encouraging words in difficult times, grateful and appreciative comments when we reported on successes, and through donations and new campaigns in support of our association, the results of our animal welfare work in 2023 are also impressive.

Let’s look back on the past year together with this article! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your help and let’s start the new year with hope for our Andros cats!



146 cats got neutered, 106 females and 40 males. Although this is less than last year’s record result of 182 animals, it is on par with 2021 and 2020 and shows that we are making steady progress in one of the most important areas of our animal welfare work.

It is particularly pleasing that we were able to award 141 sponsorships to finance the castrations! 3 of these are sponsorships for cats neutered shortly before the end of 2022. For those who have done the math: 8 sponsorships are still „missing“. But these also result from the fact that 8 cats were not neutered until the end of 2023, which we could not yet present for sponsorship.

We are therefore grateful for any help in the future! You can find all information here: Neutering and permanent sponsorship.

Here are the 141 neutering sponsorships:



As many as 6 cats were lucky enough to receive a permanent sponsorship last year. You can find the complete overview on our page for Sponsorships page.

We are happy about every new permanent sponsorship, because they offer us the great opportunity to continuously support our Greek friends in their animal welfare work! You can also find out how you can support us on our website Neutering and permanent sponsorship.



4 cats left for Germany. Once again, these were cats that would have had no chance of surviving on Andros as free, albeit cared-for strays. Christa suffered from ear cancer so typical of white cats under the southern sun. Sandy probably had a double pelvic fracture and a diaphragmatic hernia due to an accident with a car. Monis is blind and therefore of course can no longer live outside, and Nyx was picked up with a broken jaw.



As in the past two years, we found new homes for 8 cats. That doesn’t sound like a lot, especially as Bastet, Yuki, and Wolli are not Andros cats, but were advertised by us as part of a placement service. But taking in and placing cats is not the main focus of our animal welfare work, and „cat tourism“ just for placement purposes is certainly not. You can find our rehomed cats on the page for lucky balls of fur.

As with Yuna and Panda in 2022, we were also pleased to find homes for Amira and Silas. They were placed together in April 2021, but could no longer be cared for by their owner and therefore returned to us in mid-2023. We are of course particularly pleased that they were able to stay together in their current placement!

Three cats are currently still looking for a home. Their ads are on our placement page. We kindly ask you to share or forward the advertisements.



In addition to our own placements, as mentioned above, we also offered placement assistance for 5 cats in 2023, which we were asked to do.

Although Sam and Frodo were not placed in a new home, they were lucky enough to be allowed to stay at the foster home, which earned them the title of „foster home failure“.

Bastet, Yuki, and Wolli are siblings who turned up with their mother on a private property one day and nobody missed them. The owners then took care of the little family and placed the three with our help (they quickly adopted the mother cat themselves).



Unfortunately, animal welfare work is often characterized by sad moments. Especially when Andros’s cats leave us – like these 25 last year.

We find small consolation in the fact that our Greek friends or the adopters here in Germany were able to accompany most of these cats on their last journey and spare them suffering and pain.

All of them have found a place in our hearts and we remember them on our page behind the rainbow.



We continued our partnership with our Greek friends without restriction and not only continued to support them with neutering and medical care but also with 5 of our well-known food donations, each with just over 600 kilograms of food, which we also ordered from local dealers last year.


Once again, a big thank you to everyone who supported us and made everything possible that we were able to achieve for our Andros cats in 2023!

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