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  • 02.10.2021 — Simone Susser
  • October 2021 – Feed Delivery Number 21
  • It’s been about 3 months since the last food delivery for our Andros cats. The summer is coming to an end, the tourists are becoming fewer, and so the feeding stations are filling up again significantly with our regular guests and some new arrivals. In the meantime, we have already ordered twice food directly on […]

  • 27.06.2021 — Simone Susser
  • June 2021 – Feed Delivery Number 20
  • In March of this year, for the first time, we ordered a delivery of food directly on Andros from a dealer in the town of “our” feeding stations. We were curious to see if and how well this works. Does the delivery come quickly? And above all – do the cats like it? The first […]

  • 27.04.2021 — Simone Susser
  • March 2021 – Feed delivery number 19
  • Easter is just around the corner. We are considering what to put in our cats’ Easter nest. Quite simply: Food! (The fact that in Greece Easter is calculated according to the Julian calendar and thus will not be until the beginning of May, let us ignore, because time is running out and supplies have become […]

  • 09.01.2021 — Simone Susser
  • January 2021 – Review of the Year
  • A new year has begun and we take the time to look back on the past. At the beginning of 2020, we concluded the year review with the following words: So we leave 2019 with hope, confidence and sorrow, but also gratitude. We are looking forward to what the new year will bring and hope […]

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