January 2021 – Review of the Year

A new year has begun and we take the time to look back on the past.

At the beginning of 2020, we concluded the year review with the following words:

So we leave 2019 with hope, confidence and sorrow, but also gratitude. We are looking forward to what the new year will bring and hope that we will be able to build on what has been achieved so far and to be able to do something together! To this end, we hope that we will continue to be so loyally supported and provided with good advice. Only together we can help the cats at Andros also in the new year!

Full of joy and pride, we can now write that our desires and hopes have been more than fulfilled!

We would like to thank all our supporters for this from the bottom of our hearts!

Without you, our success would have been far more modest. But thanks to the overwhelming help and willingness of many people at internet forums and elsewhere, last years‘ record offers this impressive picture:

On the one hand, we continued our successful partnership with our Greek „friends of the first hour“. On the other hand, we were able to not only continue the cooperation with H. & I., which began in 2019, but also to expand it, and we also supported some new locals.

137 cats were neutered, out of 89 females and 48 males.

18 of the 24 permanent sponsorships were completed in 2020.

12 cats left for Germany.

We found a new home for 12 cats, 3 of them as adoption aid.

7 of the 18 feed pallets went on the journey in 2020. As usual to S. and for the first time also to H. & I.

Some very complex surgeries, such as those from Alissa and Filou, were carried out.

We were able to start with the elaborate and very expensive FIP treatment at Filou.

Unfortunately, 14 cats also left us.

We were able to make our planned trips despite the Covid-19 pandemic. There were some additional rules and travel restrictions to consider, which of course meant organizational effort. It also remained exciting until the end before each trip whether flights and ferry crossings take place as planned (some things had to be rebooked at short notice). But we still managed to get to the island and return home!

The many feed pallets mentioned were also a sign of pandemic insecurity – better to send a little more food than to see „our“ cats starving!

As you know, images say more than words. So let us review what has just been written in this way:


1st quarter

2nd quarter

3rd quarter

4th quarter

Permanent sponsorships

Travel cats


Rainbow cats

Feed pallets

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