June 2021 – Feed Delivery Number 20

In March of this year, for the first time, we ordered a delivery of food directly on Andros from a dealer in the town of „our“ feeding stations. We were curious to see if and how well this works. Does the delivery come quickly? And above all – do the cats like it?

The first question was answered quite quickly – after 3 days the food was delivered to our Greek friend S.

The answer to the second question was also not long in coming – the photos of empty cans at the feeding stations speak for themselves:

The quantity ordered in March was approximately equal to the pallets delivered so far. Thus, we could estimate when information from Andros would reach us that the feed was running low. And right! In the middle of June the corresponding message arrived.

We then ordered again the same amount as in March: 18 bags of dry food and 312 cans of wet food – in total a little more than 610 kilograms of cat food.

This time, too, S. did not have to wait long for supplies – they were ordered on Wednesday and delivered on Saturday:

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