October 2021 – Feed Delivery Number 21

It’s been about 3 months since the last food delivery for our Andros cats. The summer is coming to an end, the tourists are becoming fewer, and so the feeding stations are filling up again significantly with our regular guests and some new arrivals.

In the meantime, we have already ordered twice food directly on Andros, both times approximately in the amount that was included on the pallets before. And right – as expected, now came the time that S. wrote that his stock was running low.

The third order on Andros was taken over by our „Chief of the Food Pallets“ Sandra A., after the two previous „test purchases“ were done by Jörg, who was already in contact with the dealer. Once, twice back and forth wrote that now someone else takes over this task, and also this time was promptly delivered within a few days. On October 1st, S. was able to fill his garage again.

The food is eaten with pleasure and the price is acceptable. A pallet with 18 bags of 20 kg dry food and 312 cans of 810 g wet food currently costs around 775 euros. With this, the cats will be well supplied again for the next few weeks.

So that we can continue to maintain the food supply, we and the Andros cats would be happy about a donation to one of our accounts (see our bank account)!

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