December 2021 – Feed Delivery Number 23

Ordering directly from the land trade on Andros is truly a blessing, as it allows us to provide expeditious assistance on the ground.

As planned and already announced in the last trip report, the 23rd food delivery went to H. & I. 

With your energetic help we have supported the two with meanwhile almost 190! castrations and of course we do not want to leave them alone with the care of „our“ cats, especially now over the winter.

Ordered on 07.12.2021 600kg of food (360kg dry food and 312 cans with 810g wet food) arrived already on 13.12. with them. We did not manage to find a feed dealer in the immediate vicinity, but a delivery across the island for 15.00 euros is quite acceptable, so we can ensure for 790.00 euros that the cats there survive the cold season with well-filled bellies.

All this we could not do without your help! Therefore, we ask you to continue to support the „Andros cats“ with a donation.

Even and especially in winter, when there are no tourists and most restaurants are closed, the food is needed. The current food delivery was ordered at exactly the right moment!

In mid-December the weather was like this – a slightly different picture than the Greek Mediterranean islands under the southern summer sun, as advertised in travel brochures …

When it rains, some cats find a comfortable place in the holiday homes that have been vacant over the winter. Thanks to some friendly owners, H. & I. are allowed to feed on the terraces. That is by no means a matter of course! Other cats live far from houses. But even there, H. & I. provide food relentlessly in all weathers! (Well, I. feeds here, and H. takes photos while sitting in the warm car …)

Al-Uzza, who was neutered in March 2021 and was last seen in April, tastes the food we have now donated.

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