October 2021 – Autumn Storms and a Photo Safari

Chapter 1: Night drive, fog, wet cats.

Our association’s director would have loved to go to Andros this year as well. Pandemic travel restrictions at the beginning of the year and pleasant family events in the summer prevented this, however. But since we would like to look after our cats once again before winter, Jörg took over this year’s fall trip.

No Andros trip without an Andros suitcase! So here are the obligatory photos before each trip. This time a slightly larger suitcase, because there was no cabin space left for cats on the return flight, so three times cargo space was booked and thus three sturdy boxes had to be taken along.

Departure from BER – without problems, one day before the following big travel chaos.

Once again, the plan was to take the ferry right after the flight so we wouldn’t have to wait until the next morning to cross to Andros. With a trip planned for only a week, every hour we can devote to the cats counts!

This time it worked out just fine, the flight was on time, the luggage was unloaded quickly and completely, and there was no one at the rental car counter. With the ferry company, there is an innovation that additionally helps to save time: you no longer have to pick up your ticket at a travel agency at the port, but you can print them out already at home.

So there was enough time for the also already traditional Lidl shopping. Oddly enough, the supermarket has not so much stock since two, three trips. Good that at the land trade on Andros again in advance already feed was reserved.

The ferry was also on schedule to the minute, so that Jörg landed in Gavrio in the evening as planned.

The night drive across the island to the quarters was exciting!

That was the day when the storms of the following week already announced themselves. An overnight thunderstorm with heavy rain fell over Andros, which the insular power supply with overhead lines and transformers hanging from the poles could not quite cope with.

For those interested in technology: this is what the power supply looks like.

But even this ride eventually came to an end without incident. Upon entering the town, the island power grid briefly broke down once again, then the rain stopped and peaceful silence spread across the land.

Jörg was welcomed by the landlady, who was present as during the last trip. The apartment is familiar to him since his first trip, and so the tension of the travel day quickly fell away and the traveler soon fell into bed, dreaming of the first reunion with our cats…

After another night thunderstorm, the first travel morning on Andros dawned. Quickly visit the feeding stations!

Feeding Site 1

Not seen on the summer trip and today the first to await the traveler: Marie.

A yet unknown cat.

The kittens, seen for the first time in summer, have been faithful to the feeding site and are quite good at feeding. Unfortunately, they are still too small for neutering. The small group is cared for by Medea and Dimitri.

Melina also showed herself right at the first visit. Although not at the feeding site, but on the property next to it, but of course she immediately went to breakfast, after Jörg was allowed to take a picture of her.

Feeding Site 2

At this feeding site the traveler is already expected. As usual at the beginning of the journey by a somewhat smaller group, but it will grow over the days, Jörg is sure.

Ahead is Tiffy, behind her Liane and Neela are practicing pair skating. In the far back are Eva, Amy II and Zora.

Once again neatly sorted in a circle – starting at „two o’clock“ Liane, Zora, Amy II, Eva, Neela and Tiffy.

And in portraits:

The group grew already at the first meal – they were joined in the meantime by:

After the abundant rain the night before, they crawled out from all corners.

Feeding Site 3

At feeding site 3, the first guest to trot over was an unknown, rather wet and dirty cat:

But wait a minute…

Somehow this pat-wet bundle of fur reminds Jörg of someone…

There is only one tomcat, after all, who is always the first to greet the traveler…

Would you please look here?


Calimera, Sokrates!

„I may be wet and dirty, but I’m still the boss here! I eat first!“

Sokrates underlines his claim to power and gives Timos a beating.

Yes, Sokrates has lived here for a long time, probably arrived here sometime in 2018. Photos of him showed Marie at the beginning of 2019.

Sentimentally, Jörg suddenly pauses at this spot. He remembers his very first Andros trip exactly two years ago in October 2019.

Now Sokrates is king at this feeding site and greets the traveler on every trip, familiar and cuddly from the very first moment.

But back to the here and now…

From afar Tiger shows himself. He is always quite cautious and can not be touched so at all. But he is there and looks good. That alone counts!

Sokrates is a kind ruler.

He does make a point of being the first to eat, but his fellow cats have plenty of time and food for themselves afterwards.

Right near and not very shy suddenly joins an unknown and unneutered black and white male.

Jörg does not wait long and already sits this tomcat in a box. So the veterinarian gets a visit on the very first morning and the tomcat is subsequently named Schiko.

In the afternoon, Jörg visited our Greek friend S. The report of the cat troop living there, however, is sufficient for a separate chapter. Therefore, only a short look in the evening of the first day on the feeding site 3.

Sokrates has noticed that his scruffy appearance does not match the dignity of a feeding site boss and has taken the day to groom his fur.

Miss Meier also looks like she has come out of the woodwork. She wasn’t there in the morning, possibly embarrassed to show off a wet longhair fur.

Timos lets the first chapter end full and satisfied.

Chapter 2: Clouds, Water, Teeming Cats.

Before we show the teeming cats promised in the headline, let’s take a quick look back.

Besides neutering tomcat Schiko, Majara, who lives with S., also made her way to the vet.

S. thought that the eyes and nose do not look very healthy. Also the ears seem attacked. The veterinarian should then also look at the same time.

The weather had calmed down, but imposing cloud formations still gave a little hint of the stormy weather of the previous night.

On the way to the vet you have to drive over a mountain ridge, to which the clouds still stubbornly clung.

Returned from the doctor, Schiko was first brought to the cottage. Here he is to wake up in peace and dry and remain under observation until the next day, before being reunited with his tablemates at the feeding station.

With Majara in his luggage, Jörg drove back to S., of course also to check on the many cats living in this group.

So here’s the teeming:

The „big ones“. We save ourselves a labeling here, it comes afterwards all again individually on the stage. Except for Hektor (the black cat on the right), Amelie (far right) and Alexis, the short-haired tiger with some white, who turns his back on us at the very front. Therefore they are already mentioned here.


The „little ones“, all rescued from the feeding sites. We save a labeling also here, because they have no names yet.

Katia appeared as a surprise guest. The last time we saw her was in August last year! Also on the many photos we received in between from S., she was not seen.

This as a small consolation for all neutering sponsors who do not find their cats on the pictures of this trip.

Luzifer, not quite as long been invisible as Katia, but at least also not seen since April this year.

As always during visits to S., the „cat bookkeeping“ was maintained. After the many tragic misfortunes we reported during the last trip, there were fortunately no new misfortunes to report. However, Shari has been missing since mid-July. We hope she will turn up!

Even though there was not much time left and the Mediterranean Sea is now quite cool – at least a short visit to the beach was necessary for the traveler to finish the day. For the clouds now finally moved away and made way for the fabulous deep blue sky.

Chapter 3: Cats, cats, cats again – photo safari with H. & I.

On Sunday, like everywhere else, public life also rests on Andros, the veterinarian of course also does not work on this day. A good opportunity therefore to pay visits.

After Jörg had already stopped by in the summer at our enterprising friends H. & I., but only got to see a few cats due to the heat, the two promised him „that in fall there will be better opportunity to see a few more of your cats.“

That, however, was a shameless understatement of what Jörg was offered that day…

But first Schiko was released again at feeding site 3.

Somewhat taken aback, he didn’t realize at first that the box door had been open for a few seconds. But then he too made off rather quickly.

That was then also the departure signal for the traveler in the direction of H. & I.

They had announced fine weather for that day. Quiet doubts about this forecast came to Jörg on the way there:

For where there is a rainbow, there is rain. And the dark blue on the horizon was not the wonderful Greek summer sky, but a massive wall of clouds. So Jörg arrived in the pouring rain at H. & I..

But island connoisseurs in the whole world know – in such areas, bad weather passes as quickly as it arrives.

So the hostesses and their guest remained relaxed, first drinking coffee and enjoying Greek pastry art.

Also, yes, there are some cats living in and around the house with whom you can pass the time.

And thus began a photo safari that lasted several hours…

Alina, which was castrated in June in Athens, remained then still in the house for observation.

In the meantime she feels comfortable in the open cage standing there.

Grandpa George. An estimated 13 year old cat. H. & I. have known him from an early age and called him „Grandpa.“

Together with H. & I. we decided that the tourist may give the cat a real name. She decided on George, so from hour on he was called „Grandpa George.“

Unfortunately, on November 7, we received the sad news that Grandpa George passed away. He had no more signs of illness. H. & I think he went over the Rainbow Bridge due to his age. 13 years is enormous for a stray cat, even with a regular food supply!

Even though he was not neutered with our support, in our hearts he still belongs to the „Andros cats“. Therefore, he naturally got his place with our little stars: Grandpa George.

Helis is doing very well, by the way. The initial fear that he must be operated on the eyes, has so far fortunately not confirmed. Moreover, since he lives with H. & I. in the house, can be reacted very quickly if necessary.

In the meantime, the sun was already shining again, so that the real safari could start. This includes, as befits our status, a larger four-wheel drive vehicle, which H. boldly shooed over the bad tracks. To the Greeks, at whose subterranean driving „arts“ Jörg already despaired several times, H. certainly does not belong!

The first stop was made at a lonely property on a hillside. There lives an elderly couple that caringly looks after a group of cats from H. & I.. (And also for the guests – with pistachios, nuts and homemade raki from their own grapes, which grew within reach of the terrace where they settled…).

Of our cats live there:

One-eyed Felice. He was put in a cardboard box in front of H. & I.’s door in June 2020 and of course immediately taken care of because of his bad eye. What a great cat he has become! These are the moments of happiness in animal welfare, when you could give an animal a life in safety again. And the moments of gratitude for the support we get from you!

Hermine, Ringo, Donna, Nike, and Yera also live with this family. Unfortunately, they did not feel like showing themselves.

From there, it was on to the port city.

On the way, Gaia was greeted briefly with her cute silver eyes, living with her buddies on the grounds of a construction yard.

In the port city, H. & I. operate some feeding sites in hidden places or in the back rows of houses:

Here live, for example:

But our cats can also be found at restaurants, namely where the owners are well-disposed towards the animals and make sure that they are doing well. These people are part of the network of „our eyes and ears“, as they call it, that the two Greek women have built up over the years, because they cannot be everywhere at the same time.

„Live where others vacation!“ – Part 1

Can you imagine that there is a feeding site on this paradise beach? Hard to believe, but true!

From here respectively right nearby come two cats, which were collected during the safari without further ado. Empty boxes belong to the tour equipment of the safari bus, and Jörg could not answer differently than „yes“ to the question: „Say, you drive nevertheless tomorrow to the veterinary surgeon. Can’t you take the two of them with you?“

So these two cats became guests of the photo tour (and returned a few days later to their feeding place safe and sound):

„Live where others vacation!“ – Part 2

Can you imagine that a feeding site exists in this remote, pristine landscape? Hard to believe, but true!

Here, accessible only by a humpy gravel road, there are a few estates scattered over the mountains. One of them belongs to a Greek woman who even speaks German and looks after a large group of cats:

In this lonely idyll, far from any traffic, live these of our cats:

Galany Ble Mati, the sister of the blind cat Helis that we showed in the beginning.

Rhani, already neutered in April 2020 and has not been seen in a photo since.

Abraxas in the center of the picture, whose sunburned right ear had to be removed at the same time as his castration in Athens.

Aphrodite. Sometimes you have to help a little for a photo, because she did not want to be photographed since her neutering in January 2020…

Before we went downhill again, a cozy picture with Pontikaki, a handsome tomcat who does not belong to the ranks of our Andros cats.

Back in civilization, the next stop was a group of cats at the end of town:

At this feeding site live these of „our“ cats:

A short break at the house of H. & I., where these cats came in front of the lens:

Have you rested? Can we go on?

OK, let’s go! To more restaurants, hidden spots, and summer homes whose owners allow feeding on their property.

And still we have not seen all of the more than 150 cats that could be castrated in the meantime at H. & I. thanks to your donations. The two did not want to let that sit on them!

During the post-trip preparation and the sorting of the many pictures, we received these photos later:

Some photos H. & I. sent us shortly before the trip. We did not manage to show them then. They now complete the picture gallery of this chapter:

Finally, once again Alina, with whom we started the photo tour – simply because it looks too beautiful.

Who of you have held out until now, can perhaps hint at how impressed and overwhelmed Jörg was by what H. & I. achieve in addition to their private and professional everyday life, fell out of the safari bus after 6 hours over hill and dale!

We ourselves were always surprised how well H. & I. can keep the cats apart. After all, it’s not just our cats that have their names! But I. carried around all the time her irreplaceable notebook with the directory of the feeding places and the cats living there.

By the way, Jörg, who maintains our club-internal „cat encyclopedia“, subsequently gave H. & I. the link to this data collection, so that we can mutually compare our records from now on.

This is also how we were recently able to resolve a mix-up among Kimis, Artsi, and Meletis. Likewise, we unfortunately learned through this that Rosetta and Rover have been missing since August. We hope for a happy reunion!

H. & I. do not only have the cats in mind during their feeding tours, however, but also an eye for their beautiful island. And so they send us not only the many cat photos, but such atmospheric impressions of Andros, with which we conclude this chapter:

Chapter 4: Cat six-pack

Among other things, it was also inquired with the local V. whether cats to be neutered could be caught at her or her neighbors in the settlement.

That was answered in the affirmative, so for that day the program was already set.

But first, as always, the morning feeding tour:

Feeding site 1

Here on the quick only a small review of the previous evening, which simply found no more place in the previous safari report.

Melina no longer waits on the neighboring property, but comes over immediately.

In addition, the traveler finally showed himself in person a wonderfully handsome, but somewhat shy tomcat, which appeared there in early 2020 and ran only now and then in front of the Greeks‘ camera.

Unfortunately, he appeared on this trip also only on this one evening, and to catch him was also not possible. As a precaution, our Greeks gave him the name „Grizoulis“, which means gray guy.

Feeding site 2

Although on the last journey already so similarly experienced and described, but nevertheless again and again beautifully, how fast the cats adjust to the traveler (or to the food cans?). Jörg was picked up again halfway:

An unneutered male cat who made his living there since July, but won’t come any closer as long as the strange guy is standing there.

Zora, who in the summer had problems with her left eye, which was no longer present, and therefore our friend A. (2) brought her to the vet.

She was operated once again. The suture looks very good now, only a few remnants of the self-dissolving sutures can be seen.

Today Data also came for breakfast.

An intimate couple: Data and Eva.

Feeding site 3

Here, Tiger now dared to sit next to Socrates at the food plate, despite the traveler.

Sokrates and Timos.

Schiko is still not comfortable with the situation.

After the cats at our feeding sites were filled up, on to…

V. and neighbors

With V. our contact is inevitably not as intensive as with „our“ Greeks, but nevertheless we remain in conversation with each other.

In this way we learned that her neighbor M. would like to have three cats neutered. By the way, this neighbor is not unknown. From her property comes Rika, who was neutered during Lavinia’s trip in August 2020. What was more obvious than to ask how she is doing!

Very good, obviously!

On this trip three more cats joined Rika on our neutering list at M.:

With that, the car was also well filled again:

Because on board were Rubini, who was picked up as a little kitten at feeding site 1 in February and since then lives with S. and the two females Melli and Eleysia, who were captured on yesterday’s photo safari.

Of course, the visit to V. and her neighbor was also used to capture a few of our cats living there and to make inquiries about the now unseen ones.

Dream, Enola, Helga, Paris, Smilla, Söckchen and Xisphina did not want to be in the picture. They are doing well, however, according to V.

Like many Androsians, V. still has a residence in Athens and is on Andros several times a year, but not permanently. For the time she is away, she gives food to her immediate neighbor so that the cats are taken care of. Since she just arrived now in the fall, she did not see all of them yet. Therefore she did not know anything about Adolpho, Elli, Floyd, Nerida, Mýti, Occhio and Sia. We hope they are doing well!

Although we inquire from time to time about the cats there from afar, a personal conversation is better suited to get an overall view once here as well. The castration action at the neighbor M. offered the opportunity for Jörg. So he unfortunately learned that Lumi was found run over already at the beginning of 2020. We keep her in our memory under our asterisks: Lumi.

Eleysia and Melli went back to H. & I.

Rubini was taken to S.

Amarula, Mojito, and Sangria will stay at the cottage overnight before traveling home to M. – better safe than sorry!


Still the evening round. Nothing new at feeding site 2, but at…

Feeding site 1

Feeding site 3

Socrates now finally back in its old glory – the grubby image is a thing of the past! So we close this chapter cleanly.

Chapter 5: The end is near!

Over southern Europe, one storm after another has been brewing in recent days. The weather forecasts were changing by the hour. So did the weather. Sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain, plus either calm winds or squalls.

This may be annoying for a nice beach vacation. But

The end of the trip is approaching, the flight on October 15 is booked, before that there is still a crossing with the ferry the day before, and exactly for this departure day heavy storms were announced over the Aegean Sea.

Whether shipping traffic is therefore stopped or not is not decided by the ferry company, but by the coast guard. That, unfortunately, only very shortly before.

To sit out the storm on the island, the traveler can not afford. He could certainly rebook his own flight for a day or two later. However, places for animals traveling with him are booked up weeks in advance – and this time three cats are to get their chance!

Also, Marie’s trip in March 2019 is still very vivid in our memory, when she had to pack up her seven things and animals within an hour or two to leave the island head over heels on the last ferry.

The experienced islanders H. & I. advised Jörg to return to the mainland a day earlier, depending on the weather conditions. And also if possible now already pack the suitcases with everything that is no longer absolutely necessary, so as not to fritter away time with it when leaving immediately.

Of course, the traveler didn’t need to be told twice!

Suddenly that was the last whole day that Jörg spent on Andros.

This one could at least still be used to catch a very shy cat for neutering:

Agapi – just now at the feeding site…

… and shortly after peacefully slumbering at the vet …

… after she devastated the practice before. As shy as she is, she is also wild. When she tried to move her into the cage for the anesthesia, she blew up the box and raced over tables and cabinets as if possessed. Various surgical cutlery fell clattering to the floor. As well as the waste garbage can for empty injection vials, which was deposited on top of a cabinet (but the bin was full…). Finally, Jörg was able to put the deer on the shelf with the overpriced special food that vets all over the world peddle, and the vet was able to inject the anesthetic. But not before Agapi had emptied the shelf…

During the capture at the feeding site, future neuter candidates were very interested in the box in which they would travel to the vet – unfortunately, they were now too small for that.

On the way to the vet, the three „beverage cats“ neutered the day before were brought to the local M. (including deworming tablets for all her cats, because what the three put in the box on the way to neutering did not bode well in this regard):

The vet is based in the island’s capital, and this time Jörg took advantage of his stay there to do a little sightseeing around what is probably the most famous landmark of Andros – the Faros Tourlitis.

His story, like so many others, is connected with a chapter of dark German history. The lighthouse that stands there now was not built until 1990. It is a faithful replica of the lighthouse inaugurated in 1897, which was destroyed in a German air raid in 1943.

On the last return trip from the vet during this trip, a sleeping cat provided an opportunity to pause once again and capture the rugged beauty of this unique island – roughly where thick banks of fog blocked the view on the first day:

The afternoon then brought about the most glorious weather, which the cats at feeding site 2 also knew how to enjoy!

If that wasn’t motivation enough for Jörg to do the same and once again visit the beach, whose splashing gave no hint of announced storms!

Jörg ended the last day on this Andros trip with a swim in the Mediterranean.

Tomorrow he sets off for a farewell round of feeders and heads home with his furry traveling companions.

But we’ll tell you about that in the final chapter.

Chapter 6: Travel cats in luggage.

In the last chapter, we finally introduce the traveling cats!

As with every trip, we have a plan for which cats should get the chance for a sheltered forever-home in Germany this time. We also need this plan, because the cats need to be prepared for the trip beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are always more cats than seats on the plane. That’s also why we have a plan to make a selection of which cats get to be in the front of the list. This, however, always makes our hearts heavy, because it also means pushing cats to the back of the list in hopes that they can come along next time…


One such cat who often had to step back is our Amy. She should have been in Germany for a long time, because her ears were more and more attacked by the sun. But always a new emergency came in between, which we had to give priority. Be it Alissa with her stiff leg that had grown together crippled after a fracture. Be it Cosy with multiple broken jaws. Be it Kitty with always swelling eye despite multiple surgeries…

This time, however, it was so far! We were able to help our Greek friend A. (2), who takes care of her and other cats at her home when she stays on Andros, the nice news that Amy can be prepared for the trip! You can imagine her joy about this; she also hoped for Amy’s departure for a long time! Amy was already spayed in July 2017, and who knows when she first appeared there!

Amy thus moved into the small, separate room next to the kitchen. She was curious from the start and not at all shy.


Klausi has not been a member of the Andros cat clan for long. He was neutered only on July 30 this year. We didn’t consciously notice him at the feeding site before, but he may have flitted through a few weeks earlier when the Greeks sent us photos.

When Jörg brought him to the castration in the summer of this year, he had such a strange gut feeling. In the meantime we know the andros cats and their behavior at the feeding places quite well. And Klausi behaved somehow differently…

Therefore short vote between the two boards: We trust the second board belly and let Klausi already tested at neutering, so that he gets a travel cat status, if necessary.

The gut feeling was not wrong – Klausi tested FIV positive (and FeLV negative, thankfully). On the trip at that time, however, the places were already taken, and he must be made ready for travel beforehand. But when Klausi then began to sniffle, the decision was clear: A FIV male cat, who already has sniffles in the mild autumn, must leave there before winter!

Klausi took therefore now quarters in the second Separée of the vacation apartment. A droll little fellow! As soon as the traveler entered the room, was hissed cat-like befitting the status. In order to hurry then however immediately to the food plate brought along. For the rest breaks, a small table became his favorite place – protected, but with a good all-round view.


Chionoula, like Amy, is an „ear cat.“ Especially white cats suffer a lot from the southern sun. Chionoula lived with S. and was already spayed in December 2017. Also with her, the condition of her ears deteriorated insidiously, but inexorably. However, when it got drastically worse last summer and even sunscreen for babies with a very high sun protection factor did not help anymore, the decision was also made that she should not spend another summer on Andros.


Although she had spent years with S., Chionoula was quite wary of the strange traveler and preferred to withdraw quietly. The bath was therefore well suited for her stay.

So all three travel cats were able to wait for their departure perfectly separated from each other. This is a very important aspect on our travels!

Because when they come to the cottage, all cats have their FIV and FeLV test behind them, but of course these are only quick tests there, if not, for example, because of a previous major operation a blood count was made. And whether the cats have troublesome boarders like giardia on board is, of course, unclear to begin with – and again, it’s a quick test at best.

Chionoula either hunkered down in the box or behind the toilet. For treats though, she came out of hiding instantly! As you can see, it was time to take her away.

And as with every trip, the moment came for the farewell round at the feeding sites.

Feeding site 1

Unfortunately, there was not much going on there, so food was distributed, but nothing happened except for releasing Agapi again.

Feeding site 2

And two surprise guests make an appearance, literally at the last minute: Scotty and Mocca. The latter last seen in person a year ago and in May on a photo! She unfortunately had to have her left eye removed in August 2020 during Lavinia’s trip. But again, like Zora, the scar has healed perfectly.

Feeding site 3

For the farewell only the regular crew with Miss Meier, Socrates and Timos was present. With Socrates really nothing reminds of the stormy night at the beginning of the trip.

Then to pack suitcases, which didn’t involve much work due to the emergency preparation the two days before, and compliment the travel cats into their boxes.

And a little later, the journey home began with a thankfully quiet crossing.

The cats don’t stay in the car! In the iron belly of the ferry it is loud and stuffy. This time, there was even a truck with a refrigerated box next to Jörg’s rental car, whose diesel-powered air conditioner of course had to remain in operation inside the ferry!

That’s much more comfortable in the passenger lounge!

The next day the small tour group spent at the shelter. Staying there didn’t involve as much excitement and threats of police violence as it did in the summer, but it was still a bit of an adventure.

It’s one of the last houses up on the hillside, so the view made up somewhat for the rebooking beforehand.

By the way, getting accommodated with pets somewhere near the airport now developed into a problem because of the pandemic. Our vacation apartment, otherwise used on all trips, was now permanently rented out due to the lack of tourists. Of course, we can’t blame the landlord for that, but it’s bad for us. Other accommodations that used to be on our list are no longer on Airbnb. Others no longer allow pets because they had bad experiences with them. So in the meantime, you have to be happy to be able to book something at all where travel cats are allowed.

This time, fortunately, it turned out well. The accommodation was quite tiny, but the landlady was extremely hospitable. She not only donated a few little things like fruit and pastries for the guest, but also brought over food bowls and cat food! Since Jörg himself still enough food with itself led, were fed with it equal times the cats, which crept there around the house.


In the meantime, the announced storm also reached the Aegean islands and approached the mainland, so that Jörg was glad to have to leave the accommodation that day only once for refueling.

Finally it was time to get up again at night. The flight left shortly after 8:00, and not only did the rental car and suitcase have to be dropped off, but three cats also had to be checked in and taken through security. Each cat must be taken for it in a separate room in the catacombs of the airport individually from its box and packed after the box screening again. Then still seal the boxes neatly with armor tape and cable ties – done!

This of course takes some time when traveling alone, but also provides an opportunity to talk to the airport security personnel. This time Jörg was guarded by a woman who herself has seven cats at home – all run to or picked up as kittens. Cat lovers among themselves!

After a week of constant activity and surrounded by cats, it felt quite surreal for the traveler to suddenly sit quietly, accompanied only by his small backpack, just waiting for the plane!

The three-hour flight itself was on time, Jörg caught up on a capful of sleep and – the anxious wait at the check-out counter by no means diminishes with each trip! – could take his travel cats unharmed in the receipt.

The Andros traveler quickly turns into a chauffeur, the cats have to change the means of transport one last time and off they go to the foster homes!

And after the dull rainy pictures, Jörg received a wonderfully colorful picture of S. The freshly neutered Rubini had to stay in the garage for safety reasons during the rainy weather on Andros, but now she was finally allowed outdoors again!

With this happy picture now also the report of this Andros trip finds its conclusion. We wish the former travel and now foster cats all the best in Germany and hopefully soon a wonderful forever home!

This report may be over, but it will continue seamlessly after the trip:

Our andros cats are namely something special! They do not grumble at the food! So it is not surprising, of course, when the last food delivery to S. towards the end of the summer is already running low again.

This time it will be a somewhat larger action, because not only S. should be supplied, but also H. & I. can support for their – no, also our! – protégés well need! Because what a regular food supply does good, you have seen on the many photos can see.

So let’s give our andros cats a Christmas treat to help them get through the winter easier! If you would like to support us, please feel free to use the opportunities on our donation page!

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