March 2021 – Feed delivery number 19

Easter is just around the corner. We are considering what to put in our cats‘ Easter nest. Quite simply: Food!

(The fact that in Greece Easter is calculated according to the Julian calendar and thus will not be until the beginning of May, let us ignore, because time is running out and supplies have become scarce.)

Due to pandemic, it is currently extremely difficult for our CFP Sandra to keep her great commitment going and to collect, pack and send food as usual. Or to have ready-made pallets bought and delivered like last year.

We have therefore looked for other solutions and asked our Greek friend A. to ask known retailers and supermarkets or elsewhere if you can buy food there directly.

We have found what we are looking for directly in the place of „our“ feeding sites at a land trade. After some mails regarding the feed offer, the prices and quantities, we ordered 360kg of dry food and over 250kg of canned food.

This is the amount that was on average included in the pallets previously purchased in Germany!

The food itself is slightly more expensive than the offers Sandra was able to get. But we save now the very high freight costs, so that the whole thing relieves us by a quite significant three-digit amount.

And as an icing on top: Our Greek friends do not have to pay this in advance, but the trader settles directly with us. The food is delivered to S. home and this first delivery arrived at the end of March, just three days after ordering.

Keep your fingers crossed that it’s all going to work as well as it has done so far! It would be an easy and cheaper way to take away the time pressure from Sandra’s indispensable commitment and to provide our cats continuously. And by the way, we also support the local dealers – on the one hand good for them, on the other hand, this perhaps even increases the acceptance of the stray cat supply, if that is talked about.

Every euro for food donations from you arrives directly on site!

All in all, really a ray of hope in these unclear pandemic times!

And so this first food delivery from Andros looked like, at the same time, it was the 19th delivery since the project started:

312 cans of food. Don’t be fooled by the small number of canned foods – that are cans including 810 grams!

18 bags of dry food. Here, too, the small number is deceptive – there are 20kg each, the size comparison with the cats makes it clear! On the left side, Taps is already waiting with a lot of appetite! On the right, a kitten rescued at the end of last year, inspects the supplies for completeness.

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