July 2023 – Summer sunny greetings from the south!

Before you all say goodbye for summer vacations, your Andros cats would like to send their love!

Let’s see, which of the cats will get the „long-not-seen“ challenge cup this time!

Medea at feeding site 1 is already not it. She has been with us for a long time, but she can be seen again and again – which of course makes us happy!


Here she dines together with Arabella.


In that place also live these cats neutered some time ago:


Only this year neutered, on the other hand, were from there:


A little way off there is a small feeding place where Gretel – one of the two blacks, but please don’t ask which one – and Milli, who is sitting in the very back, live.


Here we also discovered Zino on a photo.


Zino actually belongs to another feeding site. But this is not far away, so we were not very surprised that he left his friends there for a detour to another food dish. Remained then just more for…


At our friend A. live our Andros cats Melina and Gregor. Both of them were in poor health in spring, so A. took them to her home to be on the safe side and had them neutered when it was possible. She then also took them back home with her.


All these cats were neutered recently or were photographed from time to time. In contrast, Jack was seen at his neutering a year ago for the first and so far also the last time.


Together with Jack, Ron lives at a well-hidden feeding site in the southeast of the island.


At H. & I. on the other side of the island there is of course again much to see!

So close we have never been to the shy Primel!


On the other hand, Iris, who was neutered only in May, does not yet trust peace very much.


And here in the middle of it the current cup winner: Finja we have not seen again since her castration in September 2021 (!). The fact that the cup this time is quite plain only made of plastic should certainly not bother Finja. It’s the content that counts!


An already well-known tomcat, about whose sight we are pleased again and again – the former „emergency fur“ Aberforth.


Here together with Nia, who makes herself comfortable in front on the right.


For a change, here is a search picture again – you can see Gianna, Darek, Hathor, Queenie and Thea. You can find the solution in the second picture.


Another small flood of pictures from different feeding sites and at H. & I.´s home:


Argyris is up to mischief: he climbed up between the window and the shutter and now he is trying to get down again somehow…


And another search picture – you can see Faya, Riga, Louiza and again Nino.


Also this time we close with a landscape picture of this beautiful island. Gabriele skillfully puts herself in the scene.

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