July 2023 – Feed delivery No. 32

Some time has passed and the Andros cats have enjoyed the food deliveries that we brought in the spring.

They liked it and the supply is good for them, as you could see in the previous photo reports!

Now the storage room at friend S. was empty again and an order at a dealer directly on Andros was due. So 360 kilograms of dry food as well as more than 230 kilograms of wet food were ordered on July 7th. The delivery arrived the day after.

Enjoy it, dear Andros cats!

We would be very happy if you could support us with a donation of food! Besides the necessary castrations and other medical treatments, the regular food supply is a very important pillar of our animal welfare work!

For donations you can use bank details.

An even more convenient way is to subscribe to a „food plate“, which you can find on our donation subscription page.


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