May 2023 – Happy Pentecost Greetings from your Andros Cats!

In addition to all the distressed cats and other worries that are reported to us by our Greek friends, we don’t want to lose sight of the beautiful sides of animal welfare!

Thanks to your donations, here is a flood of pictures of well-cared-for, happy cats – just the right reading material for the long Whitsun weekend!

We start with the cat group at one of the feeding sites in the southeast, which we last saw pictures of in summer and autumn 2022:


And here are the ranks of Andros veterans who have already been castrated in 2017 or 2018 and are still loyal to this place:


At the other feeding sites in the southeast we find more of our andros cats, for example this group (unfortunately only from a distance, therefore quite blurred):


Our old buddy Elli is a free spirit in the village.


In another place lives the large group that includes these cats, among others:


Here is the other group of feeders – starting clockwise at the bottom left: Timos, Homer, Miss Meier, Klaus, who was neutered only in March, and Amelie.


Before we cross over to the other side of the island, a short detour to S. and the cats he looks after on his property:


Now we travel over to H. & I., where due to the large number of cats already neutered there with your support, a few furry noses, which had made themselves scarce for many months, jumped in front of the lens again.

We start right away with the winner of this year’s „long time no see“ trophy. Fleur has been hiding since her neutering in September 2021!


Elia and Fine, not shown since early and mid 2022 respectively. Take your pick of who is who…


The picture is an excerpt from this cute video:


Yioda, neutered in April.


Sofia, one of our first cats to be neutered at H. & I., namely already in November 2019.


The small group with Al-Uzza in the front of the picture, Liakáda in the back on the left and Schmuddelkatz next to it.

The two little blinds Leonie and Nasos.
Nasos again on the right, here together with Lyda.
Nasos likes eggs, but please fresh and from regional production!

Here is our second Salome, also not yet photographed again after her neutering in autumn 2022.


Another search picture, but a little simpler: the almost white Zoia enjoying the view.


And a third search picture with Zora.


The recently neutered Tammy.


Finally, a few beautiful details of the spring island.


But before we say „Bye until next time!“ again, Felisha would like to tell us something:


„Dear people in Germany, if you like, please feel free to put something in our food donation pot. We’ll eat it all up too and won’t nag you, I promise!“

You can fulfil Felisha’s wish via our bank account:

Our bank and PayPal details.

You can also use our PayPal fundraising campaign (and feel free to share it):

Food for the Andros cats

Thank you very much for your support and see you soon with summer greetings from your Andros cats!

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