January 2022 – Review of the Year

Once again we are at the beginning of a new year and once again we would like to look back with you on the last year.

2021 demanded a lot from us – in particular, the Corona pandemic, which has still not been overcome, continued to keep us on our toes.

Nevertheless, we have also achieved a lot. However, this would have been impossible without your support, be it through words of encouragement and thanks or, in particular, through your donations and numerous actions in favour of the association!

To all our supporters who have been loyal to us since the beginning or who joined us in 2021, we say thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Together with you, we are now taking a remarkable stock:

We continued our partnership with our Greek friends without restrictions and found ways to not only continue to support them with neutering and medical care, but also to establish food supply through local traders.

149 cats were neutered, of which 119 were females and 30 males. This was again an increase compared to 137 neuterings in the previous year.

8 more cats were able to enjoy permanent sponsorship.

6 cats travelled out to Germany.

We found new homes for 8 cats, 3 of them as placement assistance for private animal welfare organisations.

5 food deliveries found their way to both S. and H. & I.

Our incredible stand-up cat Filou was able to successfully complete his FIP treatment, which started at the end of 2020, thanks to your help! His tumour, which he was also carrying around, was again operated on and kept at bay. He fought his way back into life bravely and with an irrepressible will, despite his additional FeLV infection, and enjoys every day with his FeLV buddies Dioui and Fynn at the permanent foster home of our club chairwoman!

For unpleasant pandemic-related and pleasant private reasons, we only made two trips this time. Although we are now very experienced in this, it is always exciting and motivating, sometimes also sad, what awaits us on Andros – animal welfare with all its facets! We are happy to share this with you in our travel reports, because it is important to us to inform you as much as possible about what happens with your donations on site. You can read both travel reports here:

Sadly, 26 cats also left us, who we remember and who will always remain in our hearts.

But enough of the many words! Let us therefore show what we have just written once again in pictures:


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