June 2020 – Food pallet #14

Shortly after the thirteenth palette of food was shipped, which, like all the others, was to be delivered to our Greek friend S., we decided to also supply our new partners H. & I. with a pallet. The current pandemic is also affecting them. There are more cats at the feeding sites which eked out a living elsewhere until now, and it is currently not easy to order or to buy food.

Before we send the food to H. & I., we wanted to wait until the pallet for S. really got to him. Unfortunately, there were some delays, as can be seen in this report. Not that in the end there are two pallets on the island, but no one can get them.

At the beginning of May the thirteenth pallet was finally there, so that the food donation for H. & I. could now go on the journey. As before, we didn’t just collect food, but thanks to the willingness of many supporters to donate, we were able to order a complete pallet again and get it on the way faster!

Now it was time to wait, because the pickup and shipping are organized by the forwarding company in Greece. After some time without any feedback – our nerves were almost at the edge after the long journey of the last pallet – on June 2nd came the utterly relieving news: the pallet has arrived in Athens, will be forwarded immediately to Andros and should then be delivered until June 5th. If we were happy about this information, we were more glad and surprised when H. & I. got the food pallet already the following day and thanked us very much:

„It was a great surprise that this afternoon we received the pallet. So soon after your message. We fed the animals with this food and they like it very much. The dry food smells so nice. It is very good quality food, better than we can feed them. Thank you once again for your offer.“

And we are also relieved and very happy that the shipping of our very first pallet for H. & I. was ultimately so easy. Now many cats can be taken care of better there too!

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