April 2020 – Food pallet #13

This food pallet has cost us a lot of nerves! But read for yourself what our „pallet manager“ Sandra A. was reporting…

April 1, 2020

First things first:

Yesterday, on March 31, the food pallet arrived in Athens!

How long it will take before the shipping company delivers it on the island is uncertain. But the forecast „before Easter“ is certainly not too daring.

The delivery of the last pallet was not so long ago, in February the feed arrived on Andros. In the course of the Europe-wide developments around Corona, we started to worry about the care of our protégés. How long will the feed last? What happens if there are no tourists who often feed some cats? And what happens when countries isolate themselves and freight traffic may no longer be able to pass through?

All questions that a month ago would never have dreamed of asking – and if they had, they would have been swept aside as fictional nonsense. And suddenly they became concrete.

The association´s board then acted quickly and decided that a food pallet should be put on the way as soon as possible. Since the association’s treasury was able to do this thanks to various actions to support us, it should not be collected for long. A whole pallet was ordered and sent:

  • 400 cans of cat food à 415 g = 166 kg
  • 162 pouches of dry cat food à 2 kg = 324 kg
  • 3 pouches of dry dog food à 10 kg = 30 kg
  • 40 cans of dog food à 415 g = 16,6 kg

… and two boxes of chocolate candies for A. and S.

This time it is a lot of dry food, because it is a) easier to feed and b) it makes do for longer time.

You may wonder if dogs are depicted on the boxes. But there is actually cat food in the bags. To be on the safe side, a bag was opened: looks like cat food, smells like cat food, and Gourmet Tommi, one of Sandra’s cats, has confirmed: tastes like cat food.

Now we need your fingers crossed again: on the one hand, we of course hope that the pallet will be transported to Andros as soon as possible and, on the other hand, we want our supporters on site in particular to stay healthy.

May 2, 2020

The pallet finally arrived undamaged at S.! The delivery from Athens to her destination on Andros took about a month. The reason was probably internal ambiguities at the shipping company. Let’s hope that they don’t appear again next time. We really don’t need that excitement. And the cats need food.

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