October 2022 – Autumn Greetings from the Andros Cats

In dear tradition we would like to show you today again the Andros cats, of which we got new pictures from our Greek friends since Jörg’s trip. Also this time we travel again across the island and visit the feeding places known to us.


Feeding Site 1

Ileas, who was neutered in summer, is doing very well, even his eye surgery went well.


The other two neutered males from this year’s summer trip hadn’t shown up at first, but it was with relief that we received these photos:


But the others continue to show up as well:


Feeding Site 2


Lady from feeding site 1, who has had a surgery on her leg, is being cared for here until A. (2) leaves Andros; then she moves into A.’s house.


The four newcomers at this feeding site:


And also from this feeding site another peaceful group picture:


Feeding Site 3

Here you can still see the small nation ruled by King Timos.


Near this feeding site live Milli, neutered in June 2022, and Ellie.


Feeding Site at S.

With S. there are this time individually only Yuki and Kalea to see, as well as Gracie, which lets itself be carried around by S.


But of course S. has again a hidden picture for us. On it we can surely assign the following cats: The three at the bottom left are Lucifer, Alexis, who has not been seen since November 2021, and Hector. Right from front to back: Kalea, Gracie, Nikita, Tebetan, Rubini and Yuki.


H. & I.

Since Jörg’s photo safari in the summer, H. & I. have also sent quite a few photos again in the meantime:

On the right Moritz with a „this is not one of your cats“.


Not seen since her neutering in July 2021 (!): Chromi.


In contrast, much more often, but so far mostly photographed with funnel: Nasos, who finally could leave his eye surgery including skin transplantation behind him!


Like some other cats already mentioned also last seen in October last year:


But this does not mean anything bad, but quite the opposite! These three, like some others, are having a good time with a couple who live year-round on Andros, taking care of the cats and thus relieving H. & I. a lot. Which, however, results in fewer photos for the neutering sponsors…

And if a cat ever gets health problems, H. & I. are of course on hand. As with Artsi, who also lives there, was taken to the vet for dental problems, treated, and has already been returned home:


Here you could think to see a cat and its reflection in front of you. Nasos and Leonie have mastered the perfect synchronous curl-sleep. We haven’t seen Leonie since her neutering last December.


Akis came back to H. & I. from the Athens veterinary clinic at the beginning of September. Now he has to learn to eat the delicious chicken with few teeth:


Some more cats…

… live with locals, with whom we are rarely in contact. Of course, that makes us all the more happy to receive photos from there.

This time we have photos for you from…


That was another extensive photo show!

Now at the beach to relax?


Or would you rather dive into the nightlife?

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