May 2017 – The second trip

As planned in April, Marie traveled to Andros for the second time in May 2017. A visit to the garbage containers showed that almost all cats were still there, meanwhile 3 kittens lived among the containers and new cats were added. The first action was started immediately: a cat was caught for neutering and the 3 little ones as well, because the situation there was simply too dangerous for them. They were placed on a makeshift foster home, freed from parasites and got antibiotics against cat flu. For all the misery a nice moment, as Marie realized that „her“ cats on the first trip even remembered her a little.

The first pictures of this trip:

The kitten gang, now dewormed and with the prospect of the immediately ordered cat breeding milk:

And something new had to be found out before the return journey: What is the best way to pass the airport security controls with animals? A lively discussion in the forum brought enough experience and knowledge, so that Marie safely returned home with the on the first trip already accommodated cat (Liza), a she-dog (Cedi) and new travel plans for July (to pick up the minis and to neuter a great number of female cats at the garbage containers).

Liza’s fate is touching proof that it’s worth fighting for the Andros cats! In the first picture she can be seen in the state that she was found by Marie in April: hungry and severe suffering from mastitis. And hardly recognizable in the following two pictures – after their admission by a foster home on Andros, their treatment by the local veterinarian and a few days care in Germany.

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