July 2020 – Food pallet #15

We’ve got news concerning the food for our cats! On July 1st our “Chief of the Food Pallets” (CFP) Sandra reported:

“Since yesterday an additional pallet full of cat food (250kg wet cat food, 230kg dry cat food), dog food (60kg) and some treats is on its way to Andros. So, the filling of the cat tummies at the feeding sites from S. should be ensured for several months again. Also, A. will be supported a little bit with the care for the dogs.

Here, the „evidence photo“:

Because the packed pallets appear similar to each other, some pictures from the content will follow.

First of all, the donated food is collected in the basement. It was delivered per mail, some people handed it over personally, and sometimes we got some money together with the following hint “At XY there is an offer for Z, 39ct each can, go and buy something for the cats.”

As soon as the basement is at the end of its capacity, it is time to get in touch with the shipping agency. Now, everything is collected and packed well.

All remaining boxes are freed from unnecessary packaging materials and packed together. Gaps are filled with treats, or other not that important things like cat toys, blankets for the cats at S., one-time pads, and so on.

And again, a big THANK YOU to all supporters. We can’t exactly say when the pallet will arrive at S. house, because there are several stops: First of all, the food has to arrive in Athens, from there, the shipping to Andros is carried out only once a week. Once arrived at Andros, the final delivery to S. follows the random principle. So, we will practice in serenity, cross fingers, and wait patiently.

This was our CFPs report. And surprisingly, we didn’t need much patience because at July 15th this nice news reached us:

“For all of you who share our excitement: the food pallet has arrived today! This time it took 15 days.”

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