January 2023 – Annual Review

Once again we are at the beginning of a new year and once again we would like to look back with you on the past year.

This past year has changed all of our lives! As you all know, the consequences have also left their mark on animals and animal welfare.

But with your support, be it through encouraging and thankful words or especially through your donations and numerous actions in favour of the association, we were able to achieve a lot for the Andros cats in 2022!

With this annual review we would like to say „thank you“ from the bottom of our hearts to all of you who have been loyal to us since the beginning or who joined us in 2022!

We are very happy if you continue to help us and „our“ Andros cats!

Together with you, we would now like to review the year in detail:



82 cats were neutered, 129 females and 53 males. This was again an increase compared to 149 and 137 castrations in the two previous years. And these cats also found their neutering sponsors among you! We are so happy that you support this important focus of our association’s work!

We are also grateful for any help in the future! You can find all information here: neutering and permanent sponsorships.

(If anyone is counting the pictures – there are 183, because Cecily was already spayed in 2019. But when she was found and treated in 2022 with multiple broken jaws, she was unceremoniously patched!)



16 cats were lucky enough to receive a permanent sponsorship – a doubling compared to 2021. You can find the complete overview on our permanent sponsorships page.

We are happy about every new permanent sponsorship, because they offer us the great opportunity to continuously support our Greek friends in their animal welfare work! You can also find out how you can support us on our neutering and permanent sponsorships page.



As last year, 6 cats left for Germany. As always, these were cats that would have had no chance of surviving on Andros as free, albeit cared-for, strays. Representative for all of them are the two blind cats Gioiello and Jolanda or the FeLV male Rossato.



ust like last year, we were able to place 8 cats in new homes. This is not a large number, but taking in and placing cats is not a main focus, but more a „consequence“ of our animal welfare work. You can find our adopted cats on the page lucky furs.

We are especially pleased to have found homes for Yuna and Panda. They were already placed by our association founder Marie in May 2018, but were looking for a new home in early 2022 as the adopter passed away – and found a wonderful home with Marie’s parents.



In addition to our own placements, in 2022 we also offered placement assistance for 10 cats and (a completely new experience for us) one dog, which we were asked to provide.

Most of them did not find their homes through us, but (also new for us) we received a call for help from the veterinary office responsible for us in Berlin-Neukölln – and soon after Chico could move to his new family.

Tintin and Snowy are still looking – please share or forward their adverts. Their advertisements are on our page animals to be placed.



Like everywhere else, joy and sorrow are close together. 24 cats left us last year. However, we and our Greek friends were at least able to spare them pain or agony. Riris Ripley and Albus passed away in 2021, but we only found out about it at the beginning of the year, so they should not be forgotten either. They have found their place in our hearts, and we remember them on our website beyond the rainbow.



We continued our partnership with our Greek friends without any restrictions and not only supported them with neutering and medical care, but also with 6 of our well-known food pallets, all of which we ordered through local traders.



In 2022, we were also able to carry out two trips. In our travel reports, we shared with you our experiences on the ground – exciting, mostly pleasing, but also sometimes sobering or sad. You saw what could already be achieved on Andros with your donation support, but also what tasks still lie ahead of us.

In our Andros-Blog you will find these and all other travel reports.

At the end of this review, let us all enter 2023 with confidence and hope and continue to be there together for the animals that need our protection and help!

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