January 2022 – Feed Delivery Number 24

We were already surprised by the speed of delivery when we ordered from the land shop on Andros in the past. From the request by e-mail to the delivery took three to six days at the most.

The pace of the current feed delivery, however, is probably unparalleled! On Saturday, 15th January, A. and S. asked for an increase in stock. Our feed manager Sandra wrote to the trader on Monday and we received the photos from S. by Tuesday afternoon!

Again, we had the same amount delivered as in the previous orders: over 600 kg of food (360 kg of dry food and 312 cans of 810 g of wet food each) for a total of 775 Euros.

We would be delighted if you would support us in the regular feeding of „our“ Andros cats with a donation!

Kalea checks the delivery for completeness on behalf of her fellow cats:

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