December 2018 – year end, but no break

December 6, 2018

Whoever reads the yellow press tomorrow morning could notice the following headline:

German tourist cleans out Lidl markets in Athens!

One can imagine who that was – here are pictures after Marie’s arrival before moving on to Andros.

December 7, 2018

Marie picked up the three minis that were released at the garbage dump in September from their intermediate foster home in Athens yesterday. They will travel to Berlin. They have a few weak spots in their health, hopefully they will recover well. The fourth in the group, Miko, unfortunately died in November.

Immediately after arrival, Marie visited the cats from feeding site #1. The reunion was great, on both sides. Gali and Melina have already greeted her on the way there. The long-established cats look very good. But there are also a number of newcomers that need medical treatment – and above all, neutering.

The cats at feeding site #2 were also visited, they look good.

Marie bagged a small female newcomer directly, she goes still today to the vet for neutering.

In the summer the two mother cats from this private feeding site were neutered. Now it’s the turn of the two 8 month old kittens.

And a visit to the next feeding site – also located at garbage containers. A few weeks ago, cats were poisoned here, so that only five are regularly seen – two of which are still unneutered. Marie was able to catch them on that day to take them to the vet tomorrow.

Bella, the first newcomer to this feeding site.

The second new one is called Hope now.

The long-established cats look good due to regular feeding.

Two more cats were neutered by another private feeding site today. They are fed by the people living there and neutered from our Andros project.

December 8, 2018

For an overview: Today these six cats will be neutered – the little black one on the right in the group still fell into the trap this morning.

December 9, 2018

Towards winter, feeding site #1 is getting a strong throng. 27 cats are now there regularly. The photos show them all – Melina, Aliki, Robin, Nansi, Gali, Sunny, … And of course all newcomers. Only the tiger with the white tail tip did not want to be photographed.

Aliki and the red and white cat, both long-established.

Kittens from this year – both abandoned or strayed to the site and new at the feeding place.

A roof over his head would be good for him, unfortunately he is not an easily manageable candidate, and the foster homes in Germany are also fully booked.

Nansi feels good in the sun.

Gali ponders the last meal.

He is brand new and obviously used to human care.

Robin is cleaning himself in the sun and is happy that he is rid of the parasites for now.

Marie ties in closely since a long time with this tomcat. She is always happy to see him even though he is quite a bully. Since this trip he has been called „Wasilios“.

Looks like Sunny, but is a tomcat and a newcomer.

Another new one – mini tortoiseshell, shy, an injured eye. Marie tries to catch her for treatment with the trap.

Two newcomers – female, not neutered, shy.

He has now established himself at the feeding site, but is quite a brawler.

Tomcat with folded ears who suffers from parasite infestation – unfortunately shy. Let’s see if one can foist a spot-on on him.

Roxy put the neutering away well (and just blotted himself here with canned food).

Sunday is the day on which neutering is not performed and therefore traditionally the day of the parasite control. The cats have fleas, mites and worms that are tackled. Around 50 cats were treated yesterday – so that the little “number 13” (working title) no longer has to scratch himself as much as in the photo.

December 10, 2018

The neutering candidates from Friday are back at their respective feeding sites. They can now go into the future with less worry.

Home at last!

A first tour.

Guzzling with the already neutered mother cats.

Bella and girlfriend also feel right at home again, which makes it easier to let them out again. Both formerly shy cats have become cuddly tigers after a night in the house.

Three cats are with the veterinarian for neutering today. Two can be seen in the pictures. There is no photo of No. 3 yet, that will be done later. Catching was not easy last night and today, the weather was windy and rainy and the cats were nervous. So Marie can be quite happy with the result. The handsome guy in the cage has turned out to be a tomcat, has now been neutered and has been sobered up again. By the way, at the picture, he wants to be cuddled.

The little mouse is tonight’s success. It is new at the feeding site and the right eye needs to be treated urgently. Since she is still very shy, Marie is happy that she could even be caught.

The three minis from September are finally old enough and come to Germany for placement! That is why they have now been given names: Neelix, Amari and Linus.

December 11, 2018

All three minis have been tested negative for FIV and FeLV!

December 12, 2018

Here are pictures of two neutered cats. The white one is a queen. And this time it was Wasilios‘ turn too.

These three fortune cookies have been placed on an intermediate foster home on Andros. They all have severe cat flu and the little colored one also has an already damaged eye, which unfortunately has to be removed.

December 13, 2018

A travel review and the current status of the 3 minis:

  • 12 cats have been neutered, 9 female and 3 male.
  • Around 50 cats have been treated against parasites.
  • Whole 9 pallets of canned food (180 cans) together with a few kilos of dry food gone over the counter in 5 days.

Here again the neutered cats at a glance:

The minis also landed in Berlin today at noon and are now settling into the bathroom for quarantine reasons. They took the trip relaxed and worked their way through the first 400 g of light diet. The neuterings were actually still planned in Athens, the minis were and are badly damaged in terms of health, which is why this will later take place here in Germany – at twice the price, but otherwise not feasible in terms of health.

All three have cat flu and watery diarrhea, vomiting and loss of appetite. Marie got this under control so far last week that they are out of a life-threatening condition now. But at times it was pretty tight with Neelix and Amari. Marie is currently also fighting to ensure that Amari does not lose her left eye. She is now quite confident, but the regression came so violently and quickly overnight within a few hours that the island’s veterinarian and Marie were concerned that the medication would not be able to counteract it quickly enough.

And Neelix turned out to be a girl. Should she be called Neelixa now?

As in June only a small sentence in the diary, but a big contribution to the project: food pallet number seven was shipped.

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