April 2022 – Greetings from the Andros Cats (continued)

After a short break, now the continuation of the Andros Cat Greetings.

There is so much to show! Rarely seen cats or those that like to show their faces again after only a short time.

This time we start directly again with H. & I.

In a small hotel complex, the permanent holidaymakers live…

There is something very interesting to report about Milana! In the following photo you can see her up in the mountains with the local woman who looks after several cats for H. & I.. But whoever remembers her, surely also knows that she used to live down in the harbour town. However, she had disappeared there since October 2021. But there are only two kilometres between the two places as the crow flies. Who knows what prompted her to move somewhere else. Maybe she didn’t get along very well in the original group and looked for new friends? She probably won’t tell us, but we are glad to have seen her again!

A little hidden object picture of „our“ cats labelled for simplicity. We last showed Noulis in October 2020! Peny, on the other hand, was only neutered this February. Also included: Xenia, Sikari, Nely and Naira.

In the meantime, little Pirry has become a stately cat:

Monterosa, so named in memory of an internet forum moderator, who also received a permanent sponsorship.
Marina and Ainslie, both recently neutered and Ainslie in nasty condition at the time, live at a safe feeding site – a summer home where H. & I. are allowed to feed.

Here is Ainslie again. What a transformation when you compare this with a photo from the end of January! Such beautiful developments always give us the strength for our animal welfare work, and we are grateful from the bottom of our hearts that you support us so much!

We now look past other feeding stations, but before we leave H. & I.’s, another atmospheric picture they sent us:

There is a lot going on at feeding site 1.

Now the other guests also appear:

At feeding site 3 we see Miss Meier on the left and Aspasia, also recently neutered, on the right.

Winter is now over on Andros, too.

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