March 2024 – Late winter greetings from your Andros cats!

Winter is slowly coming to an end on Andros. Fortunately, it wasn’t as harsh as in previous years, especially not like around January 2022!

This time, cats from two locals, with whom we are only in sporadic contact, are also making an appearance. They are therefore hot contenders for the „long time no see“ challenge cup in every photo report!

But let’s start with our friends H. & I., with whom we have been in close contact for over 4 years now. How time flies!

Let’s warm up with one of our well-known search pictures, but a very easy one: Who can find Zora and Xanti, who hasn’t been seen since she was neutered in April 2023? As always, the answer can be found in the second picture.


Sonia also belongs to this group of cats.


Marisini has a good time at another small feeding station, which naturally arouses Zoia’s curiosity!


Another beautiful portrait of Zoia.


Salome and Malu also live here.


Here once again Marisini and Zoia together with the recently neutered Adele, who has just returned to her feeding place.


Friends of H. & I. look after a somewhat larger group on their property and in their house. We are now increasing the difficulty of the search picture a little.

Who recognizes Artsi, Bitoulis, Felice, Kimis, and Nele?


Bitoulis watches over his cat family from his vantage point.


Berlina, seen in front, and Flora were missing from the search picture.


Once again Artsi and Flora.


The last time we saw Artsi, Felice, Nele, and Belina was in February 2023. However, Flora and Kimis have already beaten them to the challenge cup with their last photos from December 2022.

Kimis now thinks it’s time for us to look for other feeding spots!


So we drive past Cara, Erna, and Lucretia (from front to back in the picture), …


… looking for another house where other Andros cats can feel safe and ask who recognizes Ainslie, Luzie, Marina, Nino, and Victoria.


We are sending a second search picture from the same place because Ainslie, Luzie, Marina, Nino, and Victoria are joined here by Faya, Louiza, and Zois:We are sending a second search picture from the same place because Ainslie, Luzie, Marina, Nino, and Victoria are joined here by Faya, Louiza, and Zois:


Luzie takes the lead with her last sighting in October 2022, only to give it right back to Lilly, who hasn’t been seen since her neutering in September 2022! It remains exciting!


Just like Kimis earlier, Louiza now gives us a stern look and tells us that we’ve stayed here long enough; after all, there are more cats that want to be shown!


For example, Gaia is already coming towards us here, and Mr. Meier is also waiting for us.


This time Alana, Anne-Bonny, Hathor, Nelli, Arni, Felisha, Tyche as well as Tinkerbell on the left and Diona right next to her can be seen at various other feeding places.


H. & I. live with Tzatziki, Nasos, Leonie, and Lyda, from front left to back right.


Another portrait of Leonie:


Tzatziki was treated for breathing problems in mid-February. She is now doing very well again, as you can see in this very recent photo:


Before we make our way to the locals mentioned at the beginning, a double search picture of a beautiful feeding site that H. & I.’s relatives look after at their house:

You can find Amour, Bonnie, Felicitá, Jack, Kendro, Lenja, Nely, Tsoupra, and Yayoi.


In the second picture, Tsoupra, Nely, Lenja, and Felicitá are no longer present. Instead, Afroditi, Naira, Noulis, Peny, Sergie, and Sikari were added. We haven’t seen Afroditi and Sikari since December 2022 either.


Another short interlude from our friends A. and S. on the south-east side of the island.

Tina from feeding site 1 took A. on a short trip to the vet for an antibiotic treatment.


Platon, who also lived at feeding site 1, turned up some time ago with an injured right eye, which unfortunately could no longer be saved. After the operation, A. decided that it would be best for him to stay with her.


Markos (left) and Louis, Katia, Gregor, Cosmea, and Lucretia also live at their house or in their settlement.


Cosmea and Lucretia take over the challenge cup from Lilly, as they haven’t been seen since July 2022.

But they have to pass it on straight away because we haven’t seen Lily and Ninet since they were neutered in March 2021 (!)!


In contrast, these two appear very frequently: Yuki, who is currently being besieged by Kalea.


But now to the two locals mentioned at the beginning. We received these photos from them:

Alina (spayed in October 2020, but has been seen in photos from time to time), Miki, Tiger-Mouse, and Leo.


We had Miki, Tiger-Mouse, and Leo neutered in February 2022. Leo’s sister Maya was still too small at the time. She was later spayed without us sponsoring her. Our friend took care of it herself and is also active in other ways. Like many residents there, she also lives in Athens and had 6 cats and 2 tomcats neutered there. This is an encouraging sign for us when people there act on their own initiative for the benefit of the animals!

And as you can see, Maya is doing very well!


We’ve come to the end of our little photo tour, and so this time we even have a winning duo in Lily and Ninet, who will hold the „long time no see“ challenge cup in honor until the next photo report.

We say goodbye to our Andros cats again with a beautiful landscape picture, who are so well looked after thanks to the tireless commitment of our friends on the island and your help!


To ensure that the cats there continue to do as well as possible, two pallets of food are almost traditionally delivered at the beginning of the year – one on each side of the island.

Recently, H. & I. received their delivery. Now S. has also received his pallet with over 630 kg of food:


You can also find both reports in our Andros diary:

food delivery no. 35

food delivery no. 36

We are very happy about your support in filling the food bowls and on behalf of the Andros cats we say „Thank you very much!“ to you in advance!

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