February/March 2023 – Feed Deliveries 30 and 31

As in October 2022, we were once again able to order double the amount of food thanks to your willingness to donate!

A delivery reached our friends H. & I. at the beginning of March. It came directly from a wholesaler on the mainland. This ensured favourable prices, and 360 kilograms of dry food and 312 cans of 810 grams of wet food are now waiting to please our Andros cats!


A few days before, our friend S. received the same amount of food. We ordered this for the first time from a trader we had never heard of before, directly on Andros.

The food was a little more expensive here than at the wholesaler, but overall it was a little cheaper thanks to free delivery, because the wholesaler charged us freight costs to S. in October 2022, as the way to S. is a lot further than to H. & I.


This way we were able to get the best prices for all sides and at the same time we found another source of food!

Of course, we would be very happy if you would continue to support us with donations of food, because even these more than 1,200 kilograms of food will be consumed at some point!

For donations you are welcome to use our bank details.

An even more convenient way is to subscribe to a „food plate“, which you can find on our newly set up donation subscription page.


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