October 2017 – Plain words

Short note from Marie:

A. has had some arguments during the past few weeks with children (and their parents), who have thrown stones at the cats at the garbage containers.

A. turned to the parents first and when that had no effect, she went to school – and the teachers there talked to the children about animal welfare.

I think that’s really great – that A. is so committed and that of course, can represent it on site quite differently than I could, because she speaks the language and knows how things are going. And also that the school represents the idea of ​​animal welfare and takes corresponding influence on the children.

And it’s also good that words go around that these cats are now getting regular care and A. keeps an eye on them. If anyone plans to poison them – which happens occasionally – he’ll think twice now. In Greece, there seems to be very strictly fines in animal cruelty.

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