Mai 2024 – From Observation to Assistance

On May 9, 2024, we received an email from concerned tourists:

„Dear animal friends,

A small attempt to do something: we are currently on vacation in Andros, and we know that there are many cats here. This one in the photo gets very close to us and doesn’t really ‚leave‘, which of course we also hesitate to force. However, our landlords told us not to let any cats into the house. We understand the problem here and will not feed or attract her. She is very sick. Do you have any way to help? We have been here for 3 days, and she has been coming regularly so far.

Thank you very much and best regards, G…“

We found this photo attached to the e-mail:


As a precaution, we already informed our Greek friends H. & I. and simultaneously contacted the tourists. Firstly, to inform them that we were trying to do something, and secondly, to find out where the cat was located.

Perhaps our friends know her because in the photo you can see the clipped left ear tip, the „international sign“ of a neutered stray cat! She is not one of „our“ Andros cats, which we found out quite quickly. But H. & I. have also had many cats neutered before or in addition to our collaboration.

And indeed – when we found out the exact location from G., H. & I. recognized this cat! She lives at a house in the settlement where the tourists are staying, is fed there along with several other cats by a local woman, and fortunately, this place is not too far from where our friends live.

H. & I. agreed to take care of it, and we promptly wrote G. this happy news via email, receiving an equally friendly response (by now, we were on a first-name basis…):

„That’s something. Then the poor animal can surely be helped because the lady seems to have a big heart for the little creatures and it should be easy to catch her. Great. Please keep me updated. It’s wonderful that your organization exists because some things are really hard to bear. I will for sure support you with a donation. Best regards, G…“


The further course of the story is quickly told:

The cat (who was still nameless until this action and was then named Anastasia) shortly thereafter reappeared at the tourists‘ vacation home:


As you can see, Anastasia’s condition had at least externally improved somewhat. But of course, she was still captured and taken for treatment along with some cats that were already scheduled for spaying.


This was the right thing to do, as she needed several dental surgeries, so H. & I. continued to treat her at home for a few days with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications.

G. had since returned home, but we kept her updated, and on May 18, we sent her the joyful news that Anastasia could return to her feeding spot:


Dear G., we are very grateful that you did not look away and sought help! Many thanks also for your donation, which allowed us to pay for Anastasia’s treatment!


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