January 2019 – Review of the year

January 26, 2019 – it’s time for a review of 2018.

18 cats moved from Greece to Germany in 2018. 13 of them, as well as cat “Wolke” (“cloud”) found in Berlin, have already moved to nice homes, Ylvi and the three Minis are still searching. Liese and Miko (the fourth of the Minis) are in our hearts. And there were also two travel dogs last year: Luise, the former stray dog ​​from the garbage dump and her puppy Mogli moved to Germany. 56 island cats were neutered last year. This means that in 2019 about 450 kittens were not be born into an often short life of misery. Rescued were the three minis whose stray mother died, as well as Luise and her 5 puppies.

Here are our 16 in new homes placed animals:

These four heartbreakers are still looking for a new home:

Here you can see the 56 neutered island cats. Some didn’t get a name because there was no neutering sponsorship (but they were neutered anyway):

The rescued ones:

Always in our hearts:

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