February 2024 – Feed delivery no. 36

On the eastern side of the island, too, winter is fading but not yet over. After we delighted our friends on the western side with food delivery at the beginning of February, our friend S. was also able to receive the 36th food delivery in the Andros project for our Andros cats living there on February 26.

The delivery consisted of 440 kg of dry food and almost 200 kg of wet food, which was ordered from a retailer in S.’s hometown, and thus also made a small contribution to supporting local businesses.


So that we can continue to support our partners in the future, we would be delighted to receive a donation for the food deliveries!

You are welcome to use our bank details for donations.

An even more convenient way is to subscribe to a „feeding plate“ which you can find on our donation subscription page.


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