February 2024 – Feed delivery no. 35 and new feeding sites

Winter is not yet over on Andros either, so life for our Andros cats on the streets is not easy at the moment. How good that we can at least fill their bellies with your help!

Especially as our friends H. & I. „discovered“ two new feeding places just a few weeks ago – a fairly large one in the harbor town and a somewhat smaller one a little further away. With our support, they will of course have as many cats as possible neutered first. But these cats shouldn’t have to dig their food out of the garbage either!

At the beginning of February, the 35th pallet of food for our project was delivered, again ordered directly from a wholesaler in Piraeus.

Fortunately, there was even a small price reduction, so we received a total of 440 kg of dry food and 210 kg of wet food for the price we paid for the last delivery! That’s „only“ 10 kg more food, but still a small ray of hope!


Here is a small current impression of the new, large feeding site:


We would be delighted if you would support us with a donation for the food deliveries!

You are welcome to use our bank details for donations.

It is even more convenient to subscribe to a „food plate subscription“, which you can find on our donation subscription page.


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