February 2023 – (Not so new anymore) New Year’s greetingsFebruary 2023

The Andros cats send (not so new anymore) New Year’s greetings!

Once again, numerous photos of our, your Andros cats have accumulated over the past weeks.

Once again we have recently neutered cats and cats that have not been seen for a long time.

Once again we don’t dwell on the preface and travel across the wintry island.

This time we start at the local G. and meet two relaxed and bored acquaintances:

„Oh, are you going to visit us again? Nice… yawn.“

Vitus is on the left, Alina on the right, both unseen since January last year.


Once again Vitus, who exchanges the cold, hard concrete for a soft jumper as a base.


Warmed up in this way, other cats also use this resting place: Jasmina…


… and Evandros, who has shied away from being photographed since September 2021 (!) and even now prefers to squint his eyes – „I can’t see you, you can’t see me either“.


Frixos, neutered in July 2022.


At the next local G. there is also a small get-together.

First of all, there are the two, present during the trip last summer, Cadis…


… and Mister Barbarossa Meier.


But also Nele, who was last seen a year ago, does the honours.


Even longer ago, in March 2 years ago to be precise, was the reunion with Holly.


But the record this time is undisputedly held by Helia! When we first came into contact with G. in October 2020 and had cats neutered at his place, Helia was there too – and hasn’t been seen since!


Two of our cats live with one of G.’s acquaintances. We last heard from them in January a year ago and they are obviously doing very well:


After these rare surprise guests, however, we are of course also happy about the andros cats, which we see more often than not at the ancestral feeding places:


Several of our cats are cared for by a couple on their property, who thus relieve H. &I. in their daily feeding routine and keep a watchful eye on the furry noses:


To digress for a moment: this strapping magnificent tomcat and one-eyed Felice is a wonderful example of how worthwhile your support is, with which H. &I. can take care of the strays!


Felice was simply left on their doorstep in a cardboard box as an eye-sick kitten in June 2020:


He had an eye operation and was nursed back to health by the two of them – here’s a picture a few weeks later:


And now he lives happily and contentedly with his many cat friends in a safe place. Thank you for making this possible for him and many others with your donations!

The fluffy Darek also lives nearby…


… and on the left side Gataros.


And they all have this fantastic view of the Mediterranean!


But on with our island tour! There are still many cats waiting to make their appearance. Among them the Andros cats, who live in this cat group on a lonely beach and on the way there:


Here, longhaired Elaia, neutered in December 2022, in the midst of her friends.


Philis, not seen since her neutering in May 2022.


We haven’t seen Ginevra since October 2021.


Our other white, stubby-tailed Sofia.


Last seen almost a year ago: Pontiki on the front right.


Even longer ago, more precisely unseen since her neutering in November 2021: Luna.


In front on the right, Drama with her friends, including Al-Kutba second from the right.


Another rare food guest on the left of the picture: Nilay, not seen again since her neutering in September 2021.


Diona on the far left and Tinkerbell on the far right.


Saria, who was neutered in April 2022 and has not been photographed since, also lives here.


Not seen for even longer, since October 2021: Nelli in the middle.


Tabea, spayed in December 2021 and not seen since last spring.


A cat group where some of our cats live – both long ago and recently neutered:


Our other Irina, hidden since her neutering in April 2022.


Another group of cats where the newly neutered Hermine lives – top right in the picture.


At the end of the pictures of H. & I. another group with some of our andros cats:


Not one of our cats, but a nice hidden object with curious guests.


Speaking of hidden pictures – S. also sent us one in which we recognised these cats: Athina, Tebetan, Nikita, Eleni, Yuki, Gracie, Teddy and Hektor.


Cariba, on the other hand, preferred to dine individually.


With a glance at the weather, we say goodbye to Andros again for this time. It’s a good thing we have enough food in stock thanks to your help!


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