August 2020 – Corona can’t stop us. We travel again!

August 16th, 2020

Not long ago, Jörg visited Andros and now Lavinia and companion are already on their way to the island. Also a consequence of the pandemic, because the date in August was planned already and traveling before July wasn’t possible.

And there is always something to do!

At the intermediate stop in Athens, we are no longer unknown. The landlord and his animal family welcome us warmly.

This morning the travelers were shipping to „our“ island. They didn’t lose any time on their way to the accommodation.

Of course, the feeding sites were visited immediately. It is noon and accordingly sunny and hot weather, so so only a few cats were present. But waiting until the evening is not possible!


Here are Sokrates, always ready to cuddle and the red tiger who was seen in July already.

In the background an unknown cat.


Thorin welcomes us.


As expected, there is more hurly-burly at our friends‘ site:

Some days before, S. also took a photo. Here, we can see some more cats: Nikita, Hektor, Katia, Luzifer, Taps and Mina.


Our friend A. (2) still lives at Andros and is caring for the cats. So, many of them came to say hallo.

A little group picture.

From top: Amy I, a new white male cat, Eva, Scotty, Vaggelio and Neela.

A. (2) could rescue a kitten at feeding site 3, not yet being a candidate for neutering.

This poor white cat is the first candidate for traveling. Our friend A. found this male cat with a tumor at his body which had the size of a tennis ball. He was brought to our vet, who removed the tumor. Neutering was also done and he was named Filou.

Before his surgery in the cage at the vet.

In the meantime he overcame the surgery very well. Lavinia reported: „He is feeling better, he happily walks through the practice and eats like crazy.“ (She was so happy, that she even forgot to take a picture of him!)

What this brave fighter has been gone through, you can see here:

August 17th and 18th, 2020

Monday began as planned with picking up two little cats at S., who rescued them before winter. Now they will be neutered and are named Kitty and Amelie.

At feeding site 1 a red male cat was captured for neutering. He seemed to be somewhat older, because he was seen many times before and two of his teeth had to be removed – his last ones… He also get an infusion against his dehydration. Now his name is Nikos.

Hyazinth benefited very much from the antibiotic in July! At the beginning, he groaned with every breath. But now he is really fine and does not need any further medication!

Visitors at feeding site 1 were an unknown and unneutered black-white male (very similar to Aristoteles, but not the same) and Marie.


At feeding site 3, the shy red one and the unknown cat were seen.


But there were also some new guests from July:

The tiger always appeared in the evenings, he was captured for neutering and is now named Diogenes. Lavinia reports: „Now, he is in the appartement and still a little bit dozy. At the vet he went crazy.“ But now he can live a relaxed life.

Then, the beautiful red one and the little panther, who was close to be captured, but then escaped (as happened with Jörg in July…).

Therefore, the last (hopefully) kittens could be saved at this feeding site.

A little female cat and a little black male, who was named „Paddy“ after his neutering. He was very teeming, cuddling, and mewling. By the way, this is also the explanation for the blurred picture, sorry for that.

Both moved to S. and the three kittens from July:

Almost traditional, one would say, we visited V. and the neighbors.

At neighbor S. a cat could be captured for neutering. It seemed as if she was not amused. Her name is now Rika.

Pollux and Vicky were seen at V., as well as Paris, she was fine, but too fast for taking a photo.


At feeding site 2, the new white cat from August 16th could be captured.

A beautiful, but shy animal. His name is now „Nikolas“. Even his ears looked very well, which is unusual for white cats living here!

After so much work was done, the travelers well-deserved some relaxation at one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

August 19th and 20th, 2020

We are glad about a further contact with local inhabitant G. He had asked our friend A. for assistance. His house is home for two female cats having delivered many “kittens without eyes“ again and again. When talking about this problem it turned out to be the usual issue of cat flu. The kittens then seem to be eye-less due to completely swollen or narrowed eyes. G. lives somewhere else on the island  than V. does, so our “radius of action“ has been extended. On Wednesday Lavinia could collect these two females right away at G.‘s place. 

The young unneutered cats living at S.‘s place which were rescued at feeding site 3 and one little tomcat caught at the same feeding site were also taken to the vet on Wednesday in order to  be tested for FIV and FeLV. They are intended to stay at S.‘s place, but they can only join the large group of other cats, however, after negative test results.  Until then they have to stay separated. An unpleasant situation for them – especially for a longer period of time, so they were lucky to be taken to the vet as well. If they are fit enough, they will also be neutered. 

This is what it looks like when Lavinia is playing “cats‘ tetris“. The backseat was also loaded – 3D-Tetris so to say:


On Thursday they were all picked up again. The wonderful news was: The kittens could be completely neutered and they are FIV/FeLV negative. 

Here they are again:


Dimitri not having been seen since his neutering in February has reappeared. 


Nikos is fine after neutering. A new red and white cat in the background.

Melina appeared again!

Two new tomcats.

And another cheerful group photo! Melina is on the left. In front (from left): Thorin, Medea, and Hyazinth, behind them is Robin.


Lavinia’s companion was able to catch this handsome red tomcat to be neutered – after half an hour of waiting and using tricks. He is called Elion now. Quite shy and also clever he never let the travellers out of his sight. But visiting the vet was worth it as Elion had some of his bad teeth pulled as well.


Two more cats were taken to the vet to have a look at. As both have been living at this feeding site for a long time and are familiar with people, they did not cause any problem. 

That’s also part of our work: not just neutering and treating against parasites but also keeping an eye on the familiar cats whether treatment is necessary – as it was the case with Cosy in February. 

First, Mocca, she was captured for neutering from Marie in July 2017. She needed an eye treatment.

Today, she will stay with the vet, maybe her eye has to be removed.

Second, Neela, she had a thickened jaw.

It turned out, that it was an old injury, completely healed already. So, no need to worry!


Another successful action! Finally, the black one could be captured! Now, his name is „Timos“ and he also lost some teeth at the vet.


Two pictures os Filou, who is recovering very well.


In the meantime, also Fynn has settled in the apartment.

August 21st to 23rd, 2020

Today’s additions

First addition:

Because of all the travel preparations and our anticipation, we actually missed August 19th as second anniversary of our association. But what better way to celebrate this day than with animal welfare work directly on “our“ island? Can we be forgiven for having forgotten our own anniversary?

Second addition:

Our friend A. was addressed by her friend D. with regard to neutering two female cats. So, the radius of action has been extended to a further location. 

That‘s the end of neutering on this journey and last chance for possible sponsors  to donate neutering!


Third addition:

We visited H. and I. again. As already before it was very nice. Of course, travelling cat Amira was talked about in detail. 

H. and I. have to deal with a flood of kittens – what takes them a lot of time when you think of feeding them with a syringe. A. and S. and Marie have done the same – every two hours:

The travelers also met tiny Kallisti.

Pirry also presented relaxed.

Another photo of some of I.‘s cats having been neutered long before our co-operation started.


There are also some new pictures from the other places where already neutered cats belong to. 

The two cats living with the „new“ local friend G. were both feeling well:


These two returned to feeding site 2:

Elion after neutering.

Mocca after her eye surgery, she really lost her eye, unfortunately. A. (2) will take care of her.

When visiting V. and neighbors, Xisphina appeared. She looked very well, don’t you think?


At the end of our journey we met “traditionally“ at S.‘s place to say good-bye. As usual at this feeding site a lot of pictures showing “old“ and “new“ cats were taken.


These cats will travel with us which means it is bitter and sweet for them at the same time. Bitter because they cannot remain on the island of Andros -the main goal of our association- and sweet as they will get on the plane for medical treatment in Germany.


Having severe cat-flu Amira was caught by Lavinia already in February.  Unfortunately, an immediate departure was not possible. Luckily, however, our still new co-operation with H. and I. had developed positively. So, they agreed to have Amira in their house. Amira’s cat-flu was treated, and she soon became much better.

Unfortunately, Amira became very sick again in the following time, so an inpatient treatment at the island’s vet was necessary. Her condition became worse, however, that even FIP was suspected. H. and I. took Amira to a veterinary hospital in Athens in order to have her examined more thoroughly with x-rays and ultrasound. 

At the same time Lavinia contacted several people in order to initiate FIP-therapy with the new ingredient GS-441524. Luckily it was not FIP. Blood values were more indicative of pancreatitis.

In order to improve her condition and as we did not want to burden H. and I. even more, Amira came with us this time. 

Amira at the vet.

Here, at the stopover before the flight back, she is very happy to be free. We hope this cat will be lucky!


A. found Filou having a huge tumour on one side and took him to the vet. There were really no satisfying alternatives in order to remain on the island. His blood values were not particularly good, so the risk of an operation was particularly high. Should he be taken out again as he was apparently without pain, so that he would have at least a few more months in freedom? The third possibility was to take Filou to Germany to have him operated on by appropriate specialists.

Filou would not be able to fly without surgery, because his tumor started bleeding. We decided to carry out the surgery and of course, his still stands on our waiting list.

He recovers very well from surgery, but he is still too thin, so, good care will be taken for him.


We would not have believed before that Fynn would become a candidate for travelling with us. As a small kitten he appeared alone at feeding site 1 in October 2019. He was too small to be neutered, so he stayed there and was taken care of as much as possible. He survived the cold season, was neutered in February and turned into a handsome young male. But after a while he lost weight, did not want to eat properly and seemed to become gloomy.

That was why he was brought to the vet. She cared for him. Now, Lavinia took him to her apartment to go on with caring.

We decided to set him to the list of travel candidates. The risk was too high to bring him back to the feeding site, left to himself.


“Who is that?“, you may ask. This tomcat had been a candidate for travelling since springtime, but one, however, that should have been left behind in case of more serious emergencies.

Until then Dioui had lived with a couple in a house. For personal reasons the people moved and simply left Dioui behind. Our friend A. therefore took him to our friend S. at the beginning of this year.

There it turned out that he could cope with cats and dogs – but in small groups and in a safe environment only. As soon as he got into a larger group of cats he immediately retreated shyly. At the beginning he hid under a tree for three days. Dioui was then put in a larger cage at S.‘s place. Of course this could not be a situation for ever. 

Not a real emergency case. But on the island he has no chance to move into a flat with a secured balcony and a small friendly group of cats. There is hardly anything like that as cats (have to) live almost only outside.

The aim of our organization is to bring cats to Germany, who need special medical care or have special social needs.

Dioui is the best example for that.

This time, four cats came with us to Germany. They will be taken care of and pampered, and hopefully, soon will find their forever home.

For an animal to travel within the EU certain conditions are to be met and have to be paid for. We also have some tests carried out before the journey. 

Each cat needs a rabies vaccination for about 35 Euros and a pet passport for 10 Euros.  We carry out rapid tests for FIV, FeLV and Giardia, which cost 30 Euros in total. In addition, there are the flight costs – 60 Euros in the cabin, 105 Euros in the cargo area currently.

Lavinia was able to book one cabin place, a total amount of 135 Euros had to be paid for one cat. Three cats travelled in the cargo compartment of the aircraft, that means 180 Euros per cat in total. A total of 675 Euros was needed this time. That’s why we asked in various internet forums for donations to cover the travel costs.

Of course, we were aware that this is a price no one can afford to pay easily.  But maybe someone could spare a few Euros? And so, it happened. The travelling cats and we could say “thank you“ from the bottom of our hearts for so much support!

With these thanks and one last glance at the island this journey has now also come to an end.

  • 17 cats were neutered.
  • 1 cat had an eye operation.
  • 4 cats were taken to Germany.
  • A number of cats received medical treatment.
  • 2 more local inhabitants were supported.
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