April 2022 – Greetings from the Andros Cats

The Andros cats send their regards!

Once again it is time to show our Andros cats; the collection of photos we have received in the meantime has grown considerably after all! And again there are some cats we haven’t seen for a long time, some not since their neutering!

We start with a quick look over at a local we hadn’t heard from for some time. From him we received relaxed photos of his cats…

A curious Chico greets us at the Androsian G. III.

At our feeding site 1, the trio Platon, Medea and Marie show themselves.

Aspasia about a week after her castration at feeding site 3.

The cat… er… lion’s share of the pictures comes, as usual, from H. & I. We can’t emphasise it often enough: It’s no wonder with all the cats they were able to neuter with your support!

Living together at a feeding site…

Both last seen in October 2021:

In the evening light, the inseparable Cara and Kiarga.

Here still much longer not seen guests at their feeding site, more precisely not since September 2020!

Once again we are faced with the „black cat problem“ and cannot tell who is who from the photos. So please search for yourself!

A short detour to the lonely property high up in the mountains, where a local woman looks after several of H. & I.’s cats:

Back from the mountains, we quickly drive to a few other feeding sites:

Finally, we linger with a view of one of the beautiful beaches on this island:

To be continued…

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