April 2022 – Feed Delivery Number 26

In the meantime, ordering food directly from the country store on Andros has become routine – both for the trader and for us:

A short e-mail from our association member Sandra A. is sufficient: ordered today, delivered tomorrow!

Unfortunately, the winter was very long on Andros this time, so our Greek friends ran out of food faster than usual. In mid-April, we replenished – the same amount as always: over 600 kg of food (360 kg of dry food and 312 cans of 810 g of wet food each).

But just as unfortunately, world events have also left their mark on Greece. Like everywhere else, everything has become more expensive here too. We now have to pay around 6% more for food compared to before: 820 euros instead of 775 euros previously.

We would therefore be very pleased if you would support us in the regular feeding of „our“ Andros cats with a donation!

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