January 2022 -Winter onset on Andros

After the many sad news about the cats that have passed away, which we received during the research for the annual review 2021, we would now like to take a happy look at our Andros cats once again. Some of the photos are from the end of last year, but there are also some long-lost cats!

We just work our way across the island and start at…

… H. & I.

Not seen for a while, to be precise since his neutering in August 2021, for example, was the compact, fluffy Darek.

Here, on the other hand, Hellmuth (black and white, right in the picture), who was one of the last neutering candidates in 2021.

The colourful Zendaya.

Rhea on the right in the picture, and Angie peeking out in the background.

This photo of Velvet could easily pass for a Bravo star cut, don’t you think? We last saw her in April 2021.

A little more shy, but just as friendly, Arni looks into the camera.

A long food table was prepared, among others for Lotta, the colourful one in second place from the front, behind her Kes and the black Elara.

Gipsy, not seen since her castration in March 2021, is expecting the first guests!

Wouldn’t you like to visit them?

Jinx – as always terribly displeased when she is disturbed while eating.

This is certainly also due to the fact that she has a malformed jaw, probably due to an accident.

But that doesn’t stop her from appearing full of character.

Not only our friend S., but also H. & I. can do „hidden object pictures“!

In tried and tested fashion, we go around clockwise, starting with Hestia at 12 o’clock at the very back. At 2 o’clock, right next to the two black cats, the tabby with a little white Esmeralda. At 4 o’clock, the two black cats just mentioned: Nia with a fluffy tail and Nephele, not quite as fluffy. Finally, at 7 o’clock, white with red spots: Giasou.

We end the picture show at H. & I. with an atmospheric evening picture showing the black and white Cara and the colourful Kiarga.

The most common Greek first name is probably Georgios, Giorgos, Georgos, Georgis or whatever spelling. No wonder that among the locals who have cats neutered with our, or better, your help, there are also some with this name.

The third of those with whom we became acquainted and whom we are now visiting is therefore simply called in our Andros team….

… George III.

Living with him and his acquaintance M. are, among others:

Calimero, not photographed since his neutering in October 2020 (!).

Emma, equally long absent, is in the Christmas spirit – not long ago at all, since the Greek Orthodox festival is not celebrated until early January.

We wish you a belated „Kala Christoúgenna“!

In this festive mood, we travel across the island and visit another…

… local G.

He houses the Andros cats….

At the end of this first tour of the island in 2022, we will be at…

… one of our original feeding sites.

The unmissable Socrates and Miss Meier to the left.

Here (behind Miss Meier) Tiger and Timos joined in.

Winter on Andros

If you looked closely, you might have been surprised to see cats on a white background. But in winter, snowfall on Andros is not that rare. In these days of snow chaos on the Greek mainland, it also snowed abundantly on Andros, H. & I. let us know:

George III also writes: „To be honest, so much snow is unusual here.“

The air, which has cooled considerably in the past few days, and the Mediterranean Sea, which is relatively warm in comparison, lead to spectacular weather events and impressive „sea or frost bush“.


We conclude this report with a little „snow cat greeting“ from H. & I.:

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