October 2019 – Food pallet #11

While Jörg explored the actual situation on Andros, he also took a look at the regularly sent from us feed stocks that store at S. Or better should store, because only a scanty remnant is left…

It’s a good thing that Jörg had even bought up existing stocks on the mainland, so that there will be no supply gap.

So at the last weekend of the Andros trip Sandra and her helpers gathered everything together and packed it in a transportable way.

There was canned food for the cats in 400 g and 200 g cans:

If Sandra has calculated correctly, in total about 170 kg.

And, of course, dry food – around 260 kg in total – in handy portion sizes from 300 g to paw-suitable packs of 20 kg.

Of course, a few treats should not be missing. What else would Wasilios think about us?!

After the trap was sent last time, Sandra has loaded four transport cages this time. After all, one of it can break, or the hunter of unneutered cats have an unsuspected catching success…

Since Sandra had also got dog food, these 40 kg for A.’s dogs were packed with (treats were also there, were only forgotten to snapshot). And the dogs can look forward to more…

That’s what it looks like when a part is packed:

If there are still gaps, they are stuffed with other things (this time disposable gloves, incontinence underpads and toy balls for the dogs).

Then the food was packed, about 40 kg were still available and we could have stacked high, but these dry food bags are really slippery, so that you could not continue to stack, without worry that the things slip off while driving (forwarders handle such pallets like the packers at the airport the suitcases, and you do not know how often our pallet is reloaded).

Hm, repack everything? (Overall moaning in the helper troop…)

No! But to plug together the small and large beds and blankets like playing Tetris to form a gapless mass as complete as possible, and off to the pallet.

And when Jörg left the island, this pallet started its long journey from Cologne to Andros.

The next day Sandra went to her cellar to make a clean sweep, and discovered on the shelf behind a jumble of temporarily deposited returnable bottles, ribbons, various Tools, and a half-full bag of cat litter…

Guess what?

48 cans of Catessy!

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