November 2020 – Food Pallets 16 to 18

Due to the currently drastically deteriorating pandemic situation, this time we landed a big throw and shipped three pallets at once! But read for yourself, what our member and CFP („Chief of the food pallets“) Sandra A. wrote to this in the forums, in which we are represented:

„And today there are once again pleasing culinary news.

During his last Andros journey, the traveller looked into only sparsely filled storage chambers. Not comparable with the increased pulse of the average caring can opener of the protected prosperity cat, while extrapolating that the favorite food will be empty already in six weeks.

Both S. and H. & I. were at their limit.

It turned out, that there weren’t enough food donations for everyone. Also, rationality did not allow to work with five people on a confined space over several hours on one food pallet; irrespective of masks.

But time was pressing, because there was hardly any food left. And the first countries around tightened up measures in order to decrease the numbers of Covid-19 infections. And we all had to face the border closures of the early year.

For this reason, after a fast cash check, it was decided to resort to a very favorable offer for the purchase of a complete pallet (1,760 cans including 400 g cat food each) for H. & I. And because you can’t do without dry food in winter, the storage chamber was topped up with a further pallet with a total of 560 kg of dry food. For S. a pallet with 240 kg of dry food, 740 cans and some dog food was ordered.

So we have come a little closer to our goal of bringing as many cats as possible well over the winter, because the food arrived on the last Saturday (November, 14th). ‚Everyone was very pleased‘ is quite a trivialization of the reactions of the recipients…

Such a large feed order, however, will remain an exception. It is based solely on the special circumstances of this time, with all the planning uncertainties and the happy circumstance that, thanks to numerous supporters, the budget was available at just the right moment. In the future, there will again be the usual feed donations pallets.“

For the friends of numbers among you it should be noted that per pallet about 550 kg or more feed is delivered. Respectively much more – if you calculate, the range mentioned here first comes to more than 700 kg.

We can therefore say with certainty that more than 10 tons of feed have already been sent to Andros with this triple load since the first pallet in July 2017!

And that’s what it looked like this time when the feed was delivered:

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