March 2019 – Again a lot of neuterings and some „travel animals“

Prior to travel…

Also this year the first Andros trip was already planned for March, because about this time the uncomfortable and worst season for stray cats ends, in which diseases have an easy time. But this time, too, there is hope that as many cats as possible can be found who were neutered last year and cared for at the feeding sites, because at the beginning of March we received pictures of S. All cats look good for the season. No cat flu epidemic like last year!

As always, the travel arrangements included the large order of parasite agents. For just under 400 euros Stronghold against fleas and mites as well as deworming tablets landed in the shopping trolley. And lots of other things have been busily collected and packed.

March 22, 2019

The first six neutering candidates are on their way to the vet and are looking for animal sponsors. The „sight were set“ increasingly on tomcats to reduce the struggles between them, because they are the troublemakers at the feeding site – typical for not neutered tomcats, especially at this time of year.

Linos suffers from the tomcats fights. The eye has been injured and can no longer be saved, it must be removed. This is done in an ophthalmic clinic in Germany.

March 23, 2019

The next four cats were neutered today. Neri is quite shy and will be happy when he is back at the familiar feeding site.

Tomcat Taps has a very pretty fur markings. As of today, his life will be calmer and, above all, healthier. To do this, he has to be anesthetized briefly beforehand (fig. 2).

Sandro first in the transport cage and shortly afterwards in the land of nod. In addition to neutering, his teeth were sanified, some had already broken off.


In addition to neutering, Samson also received an urgently needed dental restoration.

And here Taps and Samson lie in the waiting line.


Unfortunately, there is also bad news: Sandro has tested positive in the FeLV rapid test. The follow-up test, also a rapid test, was positive too. Blood is sent to the laboratory, but the results will not be available until the end of next week (the laboratory is on the mainland and on March 25 is also a holiday).

March 24, 2019

A Sunday is a day of rest also in Greece, but since we had to pick up a cat from the veterinarian anyway, another tom cat from feeding site #1 came along to neuter yesterday. In the picture he is already awake and waiting for going back to the feeding site. He is about 2 years old, healthy and the teeth are also flawless. Beautiful life, little one! He received his name from his animal sponsor, by the way, on the following reasons: “He is now to be called Hermes. I work at the post office, but a cat can´t be named DHL. So quickly stolen from the rival.”

March 25, 2019

Today is a public holiday in Greece, so we take a break with neuterings. Yesterday we spent more time than usual at feeding site #2 and treated the cats for parasites. Some of them have cat flu and are given an antibiotic. The group has shrunk over the winter, 13 cats come for feeding, before there were 18. Did they migrate or did they not survive the winter? The remaining cats are in good condition.

In addition to all the worries and efforts, there are also small, amusing „mistakes“! The veterinarian could only see cat “Nerida” from afar in the trap when the picture was already uploaded to the forums and a sponsorship was concluded. On the operation table the queen became a tomcat (and is now called “Neri” – see 23.03.2019).

March 26, 2019

Three cats have their neutering appointment today. All three are queens, the two tigers are newcomers to the large and the small feeding site in the village. They are very shy and were therefore caught with the trap. Afterwards they return to the home feeding site – neutered and free of parasites. Tortoiseshell Emilia was already picked up during the last Andros trip and placed on a foster home. She becomes a travel cat so that her eye can be operated on in an ophtalmintic clinic in Germany.

March 27, 2019

Three tomcats were neutered today.

March 28, 2019

Unfortunately, the trip to Andros ended a little earlier than planned. Due to severe weather warnings, the last ferry to the mainland had to be entered on Thursday. But yesterday two cats were still neutered. The dogs Chiona and Pandeli from the local shelter travel to Germany, the animal shelter Eckertal takes them over for placement. On site they have no chance of finding a home because they have outgrown the puppy age.

Soda has also packed his suitcase and travels from Andros to a foster home in Berlin. He is about 8 years old and has struggled alone on the streets as a stray cat and didn’t even have a feeding site. Life has left its mark – the right eye is missing, the white ears are eaten by the sun and the teeth are ailing. In a Berlin clinic, Soda is to be „renovated“ from scratch and then looks for a nice home. He is absolutely social and open to other conspecifics and very fond of people. Soda is FIV positive and should therefore not be let out in unsecured free access.


Among the five special lucky guys who traveled from Andros to Germany are also Whisky and Frodo from the small and large feeding site. Whisky and Frodo are 6 months old, have cat flu, Frodo a damaged eye and Whiskey development delays. But everything can be set right again. For them, leaving and careful medical care means survival. They were also neutered.

Unfortunately, the laboratory test also showed that Sandro is FeLV positive. He is now waiting separately for his placement (addendum: a home was found very quickly) and his departure around the end of April / beginning of May.

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