June 2018 – Gone to the dogs

June 15, 2018

Marie has returned to the island and has a lot to report. All in all, the cats at their feeding sites are feeling quite well. Their cat flu is being treated and they are getting vaccinated against it.

Melina comes to greet.

A newcomer in bad condition. He is being treated with antiobiotics.

Aliki got catched by cat flu too, she is also receiving antiobiotics.

Another newcomer – or the shy black-white one from last time?

Elias is feeling well.

The first abandoned kitten at S., approximately eight to ten weeks old, female. They will keep their blue eyes.

Sania, a travel candidate.

A. and S. had a good intuition at picking the traveling candidates that need a roof over their head the most. Here is traveling candidate two, an old fellow. His name is Miro-Vincent, a tomcat, whose head was scolded. He barely managed to survive the cat flu epidemic in the winter and Marie now has the opportunity to keep her promise and find a secure home for him in Germany. By the way, he is incredibly charming, social and cuddly. Marie has already taken him with her, in order to nurture him a bit before their travel.

Tamy, neutering candidate number one. Additionally to her cat flu, she also has a severe parasite infestation, which is why her eyes look that horrible. She is kept indoors for a few days and is being treated.

Then, there are also some surprises. The abandoned dog, who joined the feeding site at the garbage dump, was temporarily taken care of by an animal-loving private person last time. Since four weeks, there are five additional, tiny dogs – she has given birth to puppies. Now, Marie wants to find a good home for all of them. Sadly, the risk of them landing at the chain is pretty high here in rural Greece.

The adult dog is a year old, knee-high and weighs ten kilograms. She is really friendly to humans and other animals alike, social and playful. Also, she is compatible with cats. At first cautious in unknown situations, she relaxes quickly. She loves driving in a car and after being lifted twice inside the car, she quickly learned how to do it herself.

She allowed Marie to touch the puppies instantly, even though she was a total stranger to them. She also reacted friendly towards a toddler, who walked towards her, while she was nursing the puppies. This behaviour is quite uncommon. This dog is a dream – now, who makes her dream come true and gives her a home? The puppies are now around 4 weeks old and each weigh 600 gram. Marie brought them to the vet for check up, they are all healthy and are currently getting defleaed and dewormed.

June 16, 2018

Robin let herself be lifted in the box like a pro – he is a very friendly tomcat, cuddly with humans, social with fellow cats, son of Eleni. The abscess is getting treated soon, the thick cheek will be gone then.

June 17, 2018

After all cats at the first four neutering sites have been neutered, Marie is currently developing new neutering sites, which mostly means establishing contacts and doing talks. Then, it will continue with the new neutering site from last time. Meanwhile, Marie is taking care the stray cats from the dumping site thouroughly. They have all received parasite agents and are obviously happy about the additional attention and four meals per day.

The health condition of the group is quite good. Most seem well-fed, have beautiful fur and seem feeling comfortable. Yesterday, Marie was by them all evening long, watching Robin, Melina, Elias and the tame, red-white tomcat play after the last meal. Stray cats only do that when they’re feeling fine; otherwise, they will save their strength.

Alikis cat flu has no chance against the antiobitcs.

Elias just feels good and looks forward to the food.

Robin during yesterday afternoon, a bit wonky after the abscess treatment, but already feeling fine again.

One of the newcomers. He is rather shy and not fully accepted in the group. Robin is friendly to everyone, though.

his tomcat is the current runt of the group, he mainly looks that rough because of the sunburn. He is starting to be a bit more open, but still gets mad if you touch him.

If you come to feed them, you see the following: loads of cuddling and friendly contact all around!

Part of the group while eating.

Elias and the tame red-white tomcat, both healthy.

This one looks well too.

This one seems to have teeth problems, though, which is why he will be taken to the vet.

This is the very hungry newcomer from last time. Meanwhile, he regularly eats his meals and looks well too.

Another newcomer – a charming fellow, valuing contact and keeps out of conflicts.

A small tomcat with damaged eye.

These three cats are very cautious when encountering humans.

She has an eczema at her mouth.

She has severe cat flu, treatment has begun. She had kittens, although she doesn’t seem to nurse anymore. It seems like the kittens didn’t make it. Somewhat cuddly, she will be neutered soon.

Likely a tomcat, right eye is watery, cautious.

A tomcat in good condition, freshly dewormed.

A full belly is the top priority.

We have become friends.

Lookout from the garbage container rim.

Finally sated – time to rest!

June 18, 2018

Again, three cats have been neutered. Here is Ciari with her last litter. Until fall, the kittens will be neutered too.

Here are the two other cats.

June 19, 2018

During the last days, there too was a visit at the cats at feeding site #2. The group was dewormed and defleaed. Treatment with parasite agents is really important this time, the amount of infestation is insane and the cats are scratching themselves sore. Besides that, they are doing fine. Last year in july, neutering this group was started. Together with the parasite treatment and periodic feedings shows how well they are doing.

Canned food feast.

A pretty exhausted newcomer, he is receiving antiobiotics and currently only eats chewing sticks.

Neela – after being neutered last time, she is looking much better.

Continuing with the good news, Gali has reappeared – a bit torn, but healthy and safe. Apparently, he has done a thorough round trip. Now, while picking up three neutered cats from yesterday, he was taken to the vet. Now he is neutered too and is recovering.

Elli also has appeared this morning, healthy and as bad-tempered towards other cats as usual. Deworming agents taste fine, as you can see.

This tomcat is one of multiple traveling feeding site guests. They eat a bit, get a deworming tablet if things work out, and then leave again, traveling onward.

June 20, 2018

Marie has visited a potential new neutering site. The cats there don’t know any supply by humans, being quite suspicious. This one is a bit further away, where she cannot feed them regularly either. When she is there she has to try to find people who can take care of that.

Small, hungry family:

Traveling candidate number four was being neutered: sunburned ears, having the cold, being the underdog of the group. There is hope that he and Miro-Vincent, who is a lovely fellow, will be able to fit together, being adopted by the same person. Here he is, shortly before falling asleep before the neutering.

The visits at the feeding site are the most relaxing part of the day. It is nice to see the healthiness of the cats there.

One of the sporadical newcomers:

Compared to last year before the neuterings, the cats at feeding site #2 are doing much better. Back then, the entire group was being sick and just skin and bones. Since then, a lot has changed for the better, not only due to neutering, but also due to more food and parasite treatment. This time, they have been infested by fleas. Thanks to Stronghold though, this will soon be taken care of, at least for a while.

June 22, 2018

Bisou, the red-white cat from neutering site #5 has been neutered. Thus there a start was made.

The cats there aren’t being fed and also only come there sporadically, which is why catching them is rather ineffective, especially since Marie only takes nursing mothers in a certain time period, in order to minimize the time they are seperated from their kittens. The same is the case at neutering site #6.

Marie has taken three tiny stray kittens from the vet home. The mother was ran over. They are six weeks old, weighing between 250 grams and 400 grams. At their age, they are supposed to weigh 600 grams. They have the cold and are covered with fleas (treated). Their prognosis is looking grim, but even though its been a while since then, Marie has taken care of some kittens, she has taken them with her for now.

With a bit of luck, they will soon be able to eat by themselves, as of right now, they are too weak for that. If they survive, the vet will take care of them, and afterwards, they will be returned to their finders. Tomorrow, there will be more attempts with the trap, in order to prevent things as tragic as this litter.

These are the three:

June 23, 2018

The kittens were two or three days without supply and already were in a critical condition before that. The back of the colored one was entirely covered in flea feces. Currently, Marie is feeding them every one or two hours a few milliliters, because they can’t ingest much more. Luckily, she has good breeding milk here.

They are recovering, have started to play; the two bigger more than the small one. The small one also has the most problems with digestion, the second hurdle after the ingestion of food, that the digestive system having to relearn its functions after such a long hunger period. All in all – better than yesterday, but still not clear. The colored one is blind on one eye due to the cat flu. This happens quickly, if the pus covers it. The other cat eyes is recovering, thanks to the antibiotics.

June 24, 2018

The three kittens are doing much better. The parasites are gone, the antibiotics are working, the eye drops are helping and the digestive system has started working again. They are starting to play. A clip of that is on Facebook. The eye of the colored one is looking „alright“ today, there is hope that it will recover.

During the last days, Marie has looked for a good solution for the dog family. The mother was abandoned and joined the cat feeding site. For now, she could be taken care of by an animal-loving person. There isn’t much hope for placement in rural Greece though.

Because Marie didn’t want that for this family, they are currently living at the vet, which will give them away into good homes – she knows her clients and knows who to entrust them to – or they will travel to Germany in three months, when they are old enough. We already know that an association will take them in, because Marie isn’t able to take care of them for an extended period of time.

The mother dog is very lovely and a quick learner. After a few days, she already knows „come here“, loves driving in the car and doesn’t have to be pulled back while on the leash. The puppies are expected to be as large as their mother. They are open-minded and are already looking for contact with humans. Four are male and one is female.

June 26, 2018

Marie has returned to Germany. All traveling cats are fine, exploring the room and have already established a new eating record. Four cans in two hours – and that isn’t even enough for the night! Here are all at a glance:

Ylvi and Sania.

Pitchko; his ears are the main reason for the flight ticket.


Ylvi is an old fellow too. The slim cat should now also have to opportunity to gain a bit of weight.

Another thing to mention: During june, the fifth feeding pallet has arrived!

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