January 2020 – Review of the year

The year 2019 was anything but straightforward. It was a roller coaster ride with ups and downs through and through.

The first half of the year was mainly to cope with the loss of Marie and to reorganize ourself in order to continue the project she was raising up. This was achieved through will power, absolute labour of love for the project and above all through cohesion. Cohesion between the association´s members who have come together and have found solutions for supposedly unsolvable problems. But also the solidarity of our many supporters and animal welfare friends who have not stopped giving us courage and who believed in us, at times when we almost couldn’t do it ourselves.

It was donated, crafted, sewn for the Cats at Andros and we were supported with the most diverse ideas.

Many thanks for that!

Now let’s take a look at what we all have achieved together this year.

The continuous supply of our feeding sites was ensured by a total of four large pallets that made their way to Andros this year. Many thanks to Sandra A. for all the work and tireless efforts! This allowed around 90 cats and some dogs to be cared for all year round.

Thanks to the four Andros trips and the help of our Greek friends, a total of 50 cats were neutered, including 30 queens and 20 tomcats. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!

12 cats and 3 dogs were able to leave to Germany, …

… of which 8 cats and all 3 dogs were placed in a new home. In addition, we provided placement assistance for 3 cats who could not stay in their previous home.

Kiko & Motte are currently still looking for a home.

Ten kittens could be catched and safely accomodated before winter.

Unfortunately, not everyone made it. Our „rainbow cats“ stay in our hearts forever and are unforgotten.

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