February 2020 – The dozen is complete!

On February 12 the twelfth food pallet reached Andros today.

The pallet had already started on January 23 and reached Athens pretty quickly. However, the freight carrier only goes to the island once a week, so it took longer than expected from Athens to Andros.

A total of 270 kg of canned food and 270 kg of dry food help make it worthwhile for the cats to visit the feeding sites. A little dog food is of course also included.

Anyone who does a little calculation now quickly gets the idea that the permitted 600 kilos have certainly been exceeded a bit this time, if you include the packaging and pallet…

Some of the feed was donated. The other part could be bought by the association. The shipping costs could also be paid from the association´s account. That was only possible because the association has great public support with innovative ideas and a reliable willingness to donate.

In the name of the Andros cats, thank you all for filling their bellies!

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